Campaign to Shut Down Biased BBC Propaganda Machine Goes VIRAL

Campaign to Shut Down Biased BBC Propaganda Machine Goes VIRAL

#BBCswitchoff goes viral as British protest against mainstream media

A new campaign calling out the BBC’s biased propaganda and lack of impartiality has taken Twitter by storm as Brtish citizens express their disdain with broadcaster’s prejudice with he hashtag #BBCswitchoff.

The campaign, which was organized to bring awareness to the publically funded broadcaster’s extreme propaganda, began at 6 pm to coincide with the TV station’s news program.

Thousands of Britains joined the protest against mainstream media outlet BBC, as #BBCswitchoff became the top trending hashtag in the UK Thursday evening.

According to RT: British citizens used the opportunity to voice their frustration with BBC editorial decisions, laying down accusations of bias against the broadcaster on a number of topics, including its coverage of Corbyn, the NHS, the Yemen civil war, and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

Corbyn supporters condemned accusations of anti-Semitism engulfing the Labour party and pointed out how the BBC’s treatment of Corbyn differed greatly from its coverage of Islamophobic comments made by former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Many Twitter users said they had once been loyal viewers of the broadcaster but were now switching off for good, accusing the organization of being a mouthpiece for the Tory government and failing to hold those in power to account.

While the impact of the campaign was evident on Twitter, HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson quipped that they would never know if the BBC reported on the viral Twitterstorm.

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