Caravan Migrants Reach Tijuana, Begin Climbing The Border Fence

Caravan Migrants Reach Tijuana, Begin Climbing The Border Fence

Many on the Mexican side of the border scaled the border fence

Swarms of the Central American caravan have begun climbing border fences following their arrival at the U.S. border.

Many on the Mexican side of the border scaled the fence before sitting or walking on top of it.

Others jumped and crawled through openings in the fence before being forced back by U.S. Border Patrol agents, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

According to an official statement from the Border Patrol on Tuesday, they believe that some of those at the fence are members who were traveling as part of the Central American migrant caravan that started in Honduras.

According to WE: Migrants who reached the border fence in that area are from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

Many are walking and will still need more time to reach the border, and those who have arrived already appeared to do so with the help of buses or other transportation.

The San Diego Union-Tribune released a video that showed the perspective of those climbing the fences from the Mexican side of the border.

The first part of the thousands-strong caravan arrived at the U.S. border with Tijuana over the weekend, and made up an 80-person LGBTQ subsection of the group, according to NPR.

The members said they broke off from the larger group in Mexico City after they were discriminated against by residents and other travelers for weeks.

“Whenever we arrived at a stopping point the LGBT community was the last to be taken into account in every way. So our goal was to change that and say, ‘This time we are going to be first,’” Honduran migrant Cesar Mejia said during a news conference Sunday.

Some of the migrants recently filed a class-action lawsuit against President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security, and others, claiming that their Fifth Amendment rights are being violated.

A dozen migrants filed the suit, in which they claim that Trump’s refusal to grant them entry into the US, is a violation of their constitutional rights to due process.

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