Catholic Church Officials Ignored Warnings about Pedophile McCarrick

Catholic Church Officials Ignored Warnings about Pedophile McCarrick

Father Boniface Ramsey said he warned Church on multiple occasions

A heroic priest in New York City claimed he repeatedly warned Catholic church officials about former Cardinal pedophile Theodore McCarrick, who was suspended last month for child sex abuse claims.

Father Boniface Ramsey told CBS News that he “had the impression that virtually everyone knew about it.”

Ramsey claimed that Archbishop McCarrick was inviting seminarians to his beach house, despite there being five beds for six people – an arrangement that was strategized for someone to share his bed.

“Archbishop McCarrick was inviting seminarians to his beach house. There were five beds… and there were six people. Archbishop McCarrick arranged it in such a way that somebody would join him in his bed.”

Last month, Neon Nettle reported that Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the former high ranking Catholic church official.

McCarrick, 88, has been at the epicenter of the growing pedophilia scandal within the church, as allegations of the sexual abuse of children continue to plague the Vatican.

In June, McCarrick was suspended by the ministry by the church after credible allegations that he sexually abused children while he was a parish priest in New York.

The DM reports: Ramsey wrote in a letter to Cardinal Sean O’Malley, of Boston, in June 2015: ‘Some of these stories were not presented to me as mere rumors but were told to me by persons directly involved.’

The letter was sent to O’Malley after Pope Francis appointed him as president of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

O’Malley said Monday that he didn’t see a letter sent to his office in 2015 concerning McCarrick’s possible inappropriate behavior with seminarians.

‘I should have seen that letter precisely because it made assertions about the behavior of an archbishop in the church,’ he said.

O’Malley said his priest-secretary told the pastor a recommendation to review cases fell outside the commission’s mandate.

He apologized Monday to the pastor and to anyone whose concerns were reflected in the letter.

Pope Francis ordered McCarrick removed from public ministry amid allegations he sexually abused a teenage altar boy and engaged in sexual misconduct with adult seminarians decades ago.

McCarrick has said he has ‘absolutely no recollection of this reported abuse’ and believes in his innocence.

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