China Refuses To Attend Talks on Nuclear Deal Between US And Russia

China Refuses To Attend Talks on Nuclear Deal Between US And Russia

Chinese Foreign Ministry Confirms it will not be hearing proposal

China has refused talks on a new trilateral nuclear arrangement between the United States and Russia, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday.

“China opposes any incidents of anybody speaking on China’s behalf and will not participate in any talks on a trilateral agreement on nuclear disarmament,” spokesman Geng Shuang said.

President Donald Trump announced he would soon be launching bilateral talks with Russia on a new nuclear arms control deal that could result in a reduced arsenal on both sides.

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Trump added that negotiations could eventually be expanded to include China.

Last month, Trump revealed his intention to negotiate a major nuclear arms control deal with China and Russia, declaring that such a treaty should include “all the weapons, all the warheads, all the missiles” in the countries’ respective arsenals.

The Kremlin welcomed Trump’s move and asked for further details on the proposal.

According to Reuters: China has always advocated the complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons, Geng added.

China believes that countries with the largest nuclear arsenals have a special responsibility when it comes to nuclear disarmament and should continue to further reduce nuclear weapons in a verifiable and irreversible manner, creating conditions for other countries to participate, he said.

The 2011 New START treaty, the only U.S.-Russia arms control pact limiting deployed strategic nuclear weapons, expires in February 2021 but can be extended for five years if both sides agree. Without the agreement, it could be harder to gauge each other’s intentions, arms control advocates say.

Meanwhile, US warships sailed through the South China Sea just a day after president Donald Trump warned China he would impose additional tariffs as the trade war the country escalates.

According to the US military, two of its warships sailed near islands claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea.

Although China claims the waters are its territory, Washington insists the sea is open to international transit under the principle of “freedom of navigation.”

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