Chris Cornell’s Family Sues His Doctor Over Big Pharma Drug Prescriptions

Chris Cornell’s Family Sues His Doctor Over Big Pharma Drug Prescriptions

The iconic Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman died at the age of 52 on May 18, 2017.

The family of Chris Cornell has filed a massive lawsuit against Dr. Robert Koblin and his practice for negligence and failure to obtain informed consent, according to documents obtained by ETonline.

The iconic Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman died at the age of 52 on May 18, 2017.

The cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging, according to the autopsy.

But Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell, called the ruling into question by stating there were unanswered questions.

Cornell’s former er treating physician, Dr. Koblin, is now being sued b the singers family for “for negligently and repeatedly prescribing dangerous mind-altering controlled substances to Cornell which impaired Mr. Cornell’s cognition, clouded his judgment and prompted him to engage in dangerous impulsive behaviors that he was incapable to control, costing him his life,” documents say.

ETonline reports: Cornell’s family alleges that the prescription drugs drove to his erratic behavior preceding his death.

The lawsuit asserts that during at least the last 20 months leading up to his passing, Dr. Koblin and his office “negligently prescribed more than 940 doses of Lorazepam to Cornell.

During that corresponding period, he also prescribed various doses of Oxycodone.

Yet, at no time during this period did Dr. Koblin conduct a medical examination of Mr. Cornell, give any laboratory studies, secure an interim history or do any type of clinical evaluation of Mr. Cornell.”

Cornell’s toxicology, however, did show the presence of Ativan, a form of Lorazepam.

Many various drugs were found in his system, according to medical reports, but the substances were not seen as a factor in his death.

The family disagrees, with the lawsuit also claiming that prescribing Lorazepam to addiction-prone individuals like Cornell for extended time periods, and without careful monitoring, is dangerous and can drastically damage a person’s behavior and thoughts.

The lawsuit alleges that the doctor knew that Cornell had a history with substance abuse.

However, Cornell’s family claims that Dr. Koblin authorized his staff to write the prescriptions while unsupervised.

“Permitted such staff members to renew or write these prescriptions without obtaining Dr. Koblin’s advance review of Chris Cornell’s medical records, an assessment of his clinical status and indications of continued use,” the documents state.

ET has reached out to Koblin for comment.

Vicky has before opened up about her husband’s unexpected death.

“He loved his life,” she said of her Cornell in an interview that aired in February on Good Morning America.

“He would never have ever left this world.”

“He wanted to be there for his family, for his children. He loved his life,” she said. “I don’t think that he could make any decisions because of the level of impairment.”

Vicky and Cornell wed in 2004 and have two children together, 14-year-old daughter, Toni and 12-year-old son, Christopher.

Cornell was also father to 18-year-old daughter, Lillian, from his first marriage to Susan Silver.

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