CIA Whistleblower: Phony Trump Dossier a Failed Coup, MSM Cover-Up

CIA Whistleblower: Phony Trump Dossier a Failed Coup, MSM Cover-Up

Ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp reveals how the mainstream media is covering-up the truth

A former CIA agent turned whistleblower has gone on the record to expose a coup against President Trump that he says the mainstream media is covering up.

Following the recent Cohen plea and the Manafort conviction, neither of which have anything to do with “Russian collusion,” Shipp says that the MSM is laser-focused on the removal of the president.

The ex-intel official says the established media is conspiring to overthrow Donald Trump and has nothing to do with real news.

Speaking to USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter, Shipp explains:

“We know the mainstream media (MSM) is not interested in the news.

“They have, from their editors on down and their corporate owners, an objective and, in this case, to remove Donald Trump.

“He stands against everything that they are, the Left or the ‘Dark Left’ as I call it.

“Trump is actually confronting the Shadow Government and Deep State, and he has them shaking.

“He has the news media shaking that pushes these really leftist things.

“So, they are intentionally and on purpose blocking the news and deleting the news about things like this soft coup, the (phony) dossier.”


Elaborating further, Shipp exposes the details of the plot:

“The MSM will not tell you the latest revelation and that is Bruce Ohr, who was the fourth highest ranking official in the Obama Justice Department (DOJ), wrote the now infamous phony Trump Dossier which was used to apply for fraudulent federal wiretaps (with the FISA Court) to spy on Trump.”

Bruse Ohr was the origin of the investigating, and Shipp believes he will be next to be stripped of his security clearance.

“It all started from the fake dossier which led eventually to the appointment of Robert Mueller (Special Prosecutor) and the entire foundation is based on a falsity…

“I understand the next revocation of security clearance is probably going to be Bruce Ohr because he crafted the fake dossier with Christopher Steele, and he may even have written the thing…

“After the FBI supposedly fired Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr had at least 70 communications (with Steele) back and forth talking about the ‘firewall’ is still there to protect us.

“Recent accounts show that Bruce Ohr either wrote the dossier with Christopher Steele or he wrote it himself in communication with Christopher Steele.”

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Shipp confirmed to Hunter that the dossier was created with the intention of framing Trump and that it came directly from the DoJ and FBI, saying:

“Yes. Oh, they coordinated it for sure.

“There are 70 emails back and forth between Ohr and Steele crafting the dossier.

“So, the FBI and Department of Justice were intimately involved with the creation and publication of that dossier.”

“They even went further than that.

“The FBI and CIA counter-intelligence even placed an agent inside the Trump campaign.”

Shipp concludes that a Civil War within the United States is a key part of the agenda and is in the making right now.

“I think we are at the beginning of a civil war.

“You’ve got the ‘Dark Left,’ and you’ve got the Conservative people, the Constitutionalists.

“In progressivism, one of its tenets is to change the Constitution, especially the First Amendment, and uproot traditional America.

“Whatever happens in November is going to intensify that…

“Their attack is against Christians and the Constitution.”

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