Clinton Insider: Hillary Gave Russia Access to DNC Emails, Data to Frame Trump

Clinton Insider: Hillary Gave Russia Access to DNC Emails, Data to Frame Trump

Democrats allows data to be comprised but plan back-fired, says whistleblower

A Clinton insider has blown the whistle to reveal that Hillary allowed the DNC emails and data to be breached in an attempt to frame Trump for colluding with Russia.

To ensure Hillary Clinton won the 2016 US Presidental Election, top Democrats conspired to quietly let Russia breach data, according to the whistleblower.

The plan back-fired on an epic scale, however, having the reverse effect of costing Clinton the presidency.

According to former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile, the DNC was made aware that their servers were being attacked by hackers but, against the advice of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, they left the servers up and running and allowed a hack to take place.

Senior Democrats ordered the servers to remain online for “at least a month” during the known breach so they could claim that Trump was working with Russian agents to sway the election, according to Brazile.

What they clearly didn’t anticipate, however, was the damage that would be done to HRC’s campaign once the contents of the emails were decoded and made public.

Western Journal reports: Brazile, astute readers will remember, was the former Clinton insider and interim DNC head after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in the summer of 2016 for, well, reasons.

Brazile also shepherded Hillary and her party through the election.

And, when Disasterfest: 2016 was over, Brazile turned around threw Clinton not so much under the bus as under every departure from the Washington, D.C., Greyhound depot.

First, there was an excerpt last year from her then-forthcoming book “Hacks” that let everyone know that the entire apparatus of the DNC was backing Clinton in order to help quash Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign.

That was bad enough.

That book, released in November, continues to haunt Clinton.

Just last week, 12 Russians were indicted for breaking into the DNC’s servers in order to steal email, including Hillary Clinton’s.

Yet, according to “Hacks,” the DNC knew it was being hacked but kept its servers up anyway because it didn’t want to disrupt the primary process.

“In May, when CrowdStrike recommended that we take down our system and rebuild it, the DNC told them to wait a month, because the state primaries for the presidential election were still underway, and the party and the staff needed to be at their computers to manage these efforts,” Brazile wrote, according to The Daily Caller.

“For a whole month, CrowdStrike watched Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear operating.

“Cozy Bear was the hacking force that had been in the DNC system for nearly a year.”

Both Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear were cyber-security firms with extensive ties to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Brazile wasn’t at the helm during this period; the primaries ended in June and Wasserman Schultz was still the chairwoman of the DNC until July when she resigned over the hacks.

In other words, top Democrats had been given due warning about being hacked and continued to use the servers for roughly a month or two.

This was all to keep the primaries running apace — and given that this was the DNC, the organization that Brazile has openly admitted did everything in its power to keep Bernie Sanders from winning, it was done so that Hillary Clinton didn’t suffer any more embarrassing primary defeats.

Now, we don’t know what data was stolen between May and June that wouldn’t have been had the servers been disassembled.

For all we know, the Russians had everything they needed by the time they were even discovered inside the system.

We’ll certainly learn more about that in the coming months.

Or perhaps not: The United States, pursuant to constitutional considerations, doesn’t practice trial in absentia if defendants aren’t available at the beginning of the process.

And it seems unlikely Moscow is going to turn over anyone indicted last week.

However, what we do know from Brazile’s book — inasmuch as it can be trusted, given that these sorts of books are given over to self-acquittal and glorification — is that the DNC was flagrantly bad about protecting its data and that it was compromised by foreign actors.

We also know that it was used as a de facto arm of the Clinton campaign before she was even nominated.

And now we know how bad things were at the DNC, thanks to Donna Brazile.

Just saying.

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