CNN Analyst Accuses Radio Host Of ‘White Privilege’ Before Realizing He’s Black

CNN Analyst Accuses Radio Host Of ‘White Privilege’ Before Realizing He’s Black

Civil rights attorney and legal analyst left embarrassed after assuming race

A civil rights attorney and legal analyst for CNN accused radio David Webb of possessing ‘white privilege’ before realizing he was black.

Areva Martin, who touts her herself as an ‘advocate, author and TV host spoke on David Webb’s Sirius XM radio program on the subject of experience is more valuable than race when it comes to getting a job.

But the co-host of Face the Truth on CBS and CNN  did not do her homework. 

Martin made the fatal mistake of assuming the presenter’s race after he insisted ‘race was not a barrier’ when obtaining work.

“I’ve chosen to cross different parts of the media world, done the work so that I’m qualified to be in each one. I never considered my color the issue; I considered my qualifications the issue,” Webb said on his Patriot show.

Martin, seemingly triggered, blindly responded to his statement suggesting Webb was Caucasian.

“That’s a whole, another long conversation about white privilege, the things that you have the privilege of doing, that people of color don’t have the privilege of,” she replied.

As Webb began to delve into her logic, it became clear she was confused.

“How do I have the privilege of white privilege?” he questioned her.

Martin hit back: “David, by being a white male you have white privilege.”

Then came the crunch.

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It was at this point Webb realized she had no idea he was black.

“You see, you went to white privilege; this is the falsehood in this,” Webb hit back.

“You went immediately with an assumption. Your people, obviously, or you didn’t look.”

“Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black.”

Webb then explained his accolades as an African American male at the same time quashing the notion of white privilege.

“You’re talking to a black man… who started out in rock radio in Boston, who crossed the paths into hip-hop, rebuilding one of the greatest black stations in America and went on to work at Fox News where I’m told apparently blacks aren’t supposed to work, but yet, you come with this assumption, and you go to white privilege,” Webb continued.

“That’s actually insulting.”

Webb has seen success as a contributor to various publications including the Hill and Breitbart News, and also supports President Donald Trump.

Webb spoke to Fox News two years ago about how the media has worked as a distraction.

But Martin, who was embarrassed, immediately shifted the blame on researchers but ultimately said sorry for the assumption

“It is, and I apologize,” Martin sais.

“I was given wrong information.”

Martin’s reps refused to comment on the incident.

Web later took to Twitter to mock the absurdity of what happened

Posting images of himself alongside white men, he wrote:

“Just two guys showing their #WhitePrivelege.”

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