CNN Ratings Fall to ALL TIME Low As Viewing Figures Plummet Below 1M

CNN Ratings Fall to ALL TIME Low As Viewing Figures Plummet Below 1M

Fox News and MSNBC, leaves Network in the dust

CNN has suffered yet another humiliating blow in the cable ratings during the last week, according to Nielsen Media Research.

CNN’s competitors, Fox News and MSNBC, left them in the dust, with FNC finishing first in the average primetime viewer and more than doubled CNN’s primetime ratings.

Fox News reached 2.18 million primetime viewers, MSNBC finished 2nd with 1.75 million, but CNN viewing figures fell below the one million mark with 992,000 average viewers for the week.

The Daily Caller Reports: CNN fell behind Home and Garden Television, USA Network, The History Channel, and TBS Network.

The History Channel’s primetime lineup includes shows like “Ancient Aliens,” “Counting Cars,” “American Pickers” and “Mountain Men.”

CNN’s primetime lineup boasts personalities like Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper. 

In total day viewers, CNN finished 6th behind Fox News, Nickelodeon, MSNBC, Home and Garden Television, and Investigation Discovery.

In May last year, CNN saw an average of 1.12 million total viewers and 399,000 demo viewers during primetime hours.

But in May this year, the network averaged just 859,000 total viewers and 286,000 demo viewers, representing a massive drop of 23 percent and 29 percent 29 percent, respectively.

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