CNN: Trump’s Use Of Term ‘Witch Hunt’ Offends Witches

CNN: Trump’s Use Of Term ‘Witch Hunt’ Offends Witches

Segment aired by CNN claims people practising witchcraft are offended by term

SegA segment aired by CNN last week talked about how President Donald Trump’s use of the term “witch hunt,” is offending witches.

Trump regularly uses the phrase to describe special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“Witches of the world have a problem with President Trump,” CNN’s Kate Bolduan said at the beginning of the segment.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos interviewed practicing witches who were allegedly outraged by Trump’s repeated use of the phrase.

“Witches tend to side with liberals,” Moos said.

“And you know what they wish President Trump would stop saying about the Mueller investigation?”

CNN showed a video of Trump saying:

“It’s a witch hunt. That’s all it is. A witch hunt, as I call it. Russian witch hunt. This is a witch hunt like nobody has ever seen before.”

David Salisbury, the author of “Witchcraft Activism,” described Trump’s use of the term “really disgraceful,” adding “thousands of people were executed on suspicion of a witch hunt.”

Amanda Yates Garcia, known as “the Oracle of Los Angeles,” said:

“There is a lot to be offended by Donald Trump, and I think his use of the term ‘witch hunt’ is very low on the list of priorities for most witches, but it does demonstrate his ignorance, as usual.”

In October, a Democratic candidate for Virginia House of Delegates was outed as acting leader in a pagan witchcraft cult, according to reports.

Lissa Lucas climbed up the Wiccan cult ranks to its third level, the highest degree for Wiccan cults.

Lucas was responsible for instructing lower level Wiccans in occult practices, according to TheDCNF’s investigation.

Lucas raised more than five times as much money as her Republican opponent due to her preferable national media attention, leaving the witchcraft out.

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