Confused Joe Biden Says Dead British PM Called Him to Bash Trump

Confused Joe Biden Says Dead British PM Called Him to Bash Trump

2020 Democrat confuses Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher, who left office in 1990

2020 hopeful Joe Biden gave an embarrassing slip of the tongue during a speech, when he said that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher called him “with concerns” about Donald Trump’s presidency, despite the ex-UK leader leaving office in 1990 and passing away six years ago.

Former Vice President Biden made the gaffe on Saturday night at a fundraising rally in Columbia, South Carolina before scrambling for the name of the current British Prime Minister Theresa May.

76-year-old Sleep Joe fumbled for words after realizing his mistake, with the Daily Express reporting that he said:

“Margaret Thatcher um, excuse me, Margaret Thatcher – Freudian slip,” Mr. Biden said to growing laughter from the audience. 

“But I knew her too.”

He then corrected himself: “The prime minister of Great Britain, Theresa May”

According to Breitbart, he invoked Mrs. Thatcher’s name when telling donors he had heard from 14 heads of state from around the world who’ve voiced concerns to him about President Trump.

Biden didn’t name any of the “heads of state” he had allegedly spoken to, however.

That list included Mrs. Thatcher, he alleged, before correcting the “Freudian slip,” saying he was referring to May.

Despite the correction, the U.K. head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, not the prime minister, be it Thatcher or May.

The presidential aspirant went on to claim without evidence Mrs. May had called him out of concern about U.S. President Donald Trump.

He said Mrs. May had asked him: “We still have a special relationship between the United States and England?”

“I said, jokingly, ‘It’s an Irishman telling you, yeah.”

This is not the first time UK politics and Mr. Biden, who is running for president for the third time since 1988, have intersected on the campaign trail.

His first campaign was hugely criticized after it was found a speech had been plagiarized from Neil Kinnock, then UK Labour leader who was running against Mrs. Thatcher at the time.

After launching his campaign 10 days ago, Biden has called Trump a “clown” and said there were more names to come.

His name-calling follows Trump recently labeling him as “Sleepy Joe” and “Crazy Joe” after years of the former VP being known asCreepy Uncle Joeover his touching, kissing and hair “inhaling.”

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