Congress Has Called For The ‘Immediate’ Arrest Of Hillary Clinton

Congress Has Called For The ‘Immediate’ Arrest Of Hillary Clinton

Seasoned House Republicans held a press conference, aired on C-SPAN,

Congress has called for the immediate arrest of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and an appointment of a “second special counsel” to investigate the massive corruption of Clintons within the Obama administration. 

Seasoned House Republicans held a press conference, aired on C-SPAN, which lobbied for an appointment of the second special counsel to launch an investigation into the Department of Justice, the FBI, and of course the reckless handling of the Clinton investigation. 

Questions raised about what factor led to launching the special counsel probe into Donald Trump‘s alleged ties to Russia, even though twelve months have passed without any evidence supporting the allegations. 

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) introduced the group’s 12-page resolution at the press conference.

The document demands Attorney General Jeff Sessions right away appoint an independent special counsel investigator who will check out the DOJ and FBI’s political predisposition and handling of the Russian probe.

Home Republicans also required an independent investigation into the FBI’s choice to clear Hillary Clinton of the email server unexpectedly claims just days before the 2016 presidential election.

They require classified files on the examination to validate all the details and calling for a level of transparency in the infamously secretive case.

Multiple Congressman also spoke at the conference to straight criticize Robert Mueller and the DOJ’s examination.

They stated declared prohibited conduct by the Obama routine, consisting of the “Worse than Watergate” wiretapping case, along with FISA abuses, and the FBI’s “unique treatment” of Hillary Clinton.

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Directly accusing the DOJ and FBI of political bias, the Congressman pointed out “irregularities” in the recent examinations, and desire classified documents on the recent studies to validate all the information.

Journalism conference by the House Republicans suggests President Trump’s longstanding promise to get a unique prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s “circumstance” is lastly being realized.

“I am going to instruct my Attorney General to obtain a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been a lot of lies, a lot of deceptiveness, there has never been anything like it.

” People, their lives have been damaged for doing one-fifth of what you’ve done.”

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