Creator of Spoof Presidential Seal: ‘No Chance it Was Accidentally’ Beamed

Creator of Spoof Presidential Seal: ‘No Chance it Was Accidentally’ Beamed

The artist behind the Russian-themed design says ‘art’ was offline

The mystery behind the spoof Presidential deal which depicted the American bald eagle holding a bunch of golf clubs was ‘no accident’ according to the artist behind the design. 

Activist group Turning Point USA confirmed it fired the young aide responsible for ‘accidentally’ selecting the seal to be projected behind President Donald Trump.

But its creator, Charles Leazott, insisted it would have been impossible for someone to have unknowingly stumbled across his satirical version of the seal because the website displaying the art had been offline for the past two years.

Leazott told the Daily Mail that he had no part in the projecting the seal.

“I have zero clue who did it,” Leazott said.

Leazott, an anti-Trumper, said he voted both Republican and Democrat in the past.

The artists say he came up with the design in 2016 after Trump won the election to tease his love of golf and ‘supposed ties to the Kremlin.’

Instead of E pluribus unum’, the U.S. motto that means ‘out of many, one’ in Latin, but the spoof version says ’45 es un titere’ which is Spanish for ’45 is a puppet.’

In place of the bald eagle was two-headed eagle from the Russian coat of arms, along with a hammer and sickle across its chest.

The design was added to Leazott’s website selling anti-Trump memorabilia, entitled ‘Onetimedonnie: Dedicated to the cause of ensuring Donald Trump serves no more than one term as the President of the United States.’

But due to lack of sales and interest, Leazott stopped working on the website in 2017.

The site is now an empty blog page.

The fake seal was soon spotted by dozens of photos and videos from the event, which caused Turning Point USA to fire the offender.

“My website would technically have existed, but it wouldn’t have taken you anywhere, and the art wasn’t on there,” he said.

“You have to remember I’m just a random nobody and why would I come up in the search results.”

“There’s a million funny Trump images on google, and this is just one more of them.”

“You would have had to specifically go seeking this out. So I just don’t buy for an minute that this was just an innocent mistake.”

“Somebody did this on purpose – I think it’s hilarious.”

But many people on Twitter suggested that Turning Point USA my have been infiltrated by a Democrat.

A source at Turning Point described the unlucky ex-employee as ‘a low-level audio-visual grunt.’

The source added that the organization was ‘chasing down an explanation’ for the incident.

Turning Point USA also told CNN  that it had ‘zero malicious intent’ behind the imagery.

“We’re sorry for the mix-up and meant no disrespect to the White House or the President or the advance team,” the group said.

“This is a Turning Point thing,” the aide said.

“Go ask them.”

But since Thursday Leazott has put his once failing shop back online to capitalize on the media attention.

But that won’t last long.

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