Dangerous Sex Offender Becomes First to Die From Coronavirus in Prison

Dangerous Sex Offender Becomes First to Die From Coronavirus in Prison

Inmate who was serving long sentence found dead after contracting the virus

A convicted sex offender has become the first prisoner to die from the coronavirus, according to reports.

The inmate, who was serving a long sentence for undisclosed sex offenses, was found dead at HMP Littlehey, Cambs, UK.

The sex offender was reportedly suffering from underlying health issues before he contracted Covid-19, which was only detected after he had died.

The category C jail in Littlehey holds up to 480 male sex offenders.

One source said there “are a number of shared cells,” in prison.

“It’s not clear if others, including inmates and prison officers, have been affected.”

The inmate, whose identity is still unknown, died as the Prison Service released official figures on how the coronavirus is ravaging the prison system in England and Wales.

As of Thursday, 19 inmates have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Additionally, four prison staff have also tested positive in four jails.

Three prisoner escort workers who help with jail and court transfers have also contracted the disease.

But the Sex offender is the first official fatality.

The news comes as the coronavirus death toll today rose to 434 in the UK after 11 more people died in Wales and Scotland.

Currently, in the UK, 8,000 are infected by the virus.

The UK has now issued a lockdown to tackle the coronavirus crisis as the government ramps up its efforts by rolling out more stringent measures.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is mulling stricter actions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, with up to 20,000 British military service personnel placed on standby, ready to be deployed.

The number represented a doubling of service personnel who are on standby, the defense ministry said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, British police have arrested three teenagers for allegedly “coughing” in the faces of an elderly couple during the coronavirus lockdown.

A passerby attempted to intervene after witnessing the teens’ actions, and then ensuing “altercation” left a woman in her 70s with a black eye, police said.

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