Dating Site For Trump Supporters Says It Will ‘Sue’ Liberals Who Try To Join

Dating Site For Trump Supporters Says It Will ‘Sue’ Liberals Who Try To Join

Liberals who attempt to infiltrate the leftist-free zone will be sued

A new dating app designed solely for people who support President Donald Trump has vowed to sue liberals who attempt to infiltrate the leftist-free zone.

The app, called ‘Righter,’ created by Christy Edwards Lawton, who said the company has a zero tolerance’ to liberals who try to join when it launches later this month.

Lawton, a former banker, warned liberals that she has a “very nice legal team” that will be managing non-Trump-supporting impostors on the app.

“This is zero tolerance,” she said.

“This is ridiculous. They’re sitting here using our president.”

According to RT: In the Trump era, Republicans have complained of being powerless to get dates in more Democrat-friendly cities like New York and Washington DC because of the extremely polarized political environment in the country.

Lawton stated she created Righter to cater to those people, especially conservative women whose political views seem to have prevented them from being successful on the dating scene.

Righter is also different in that it will permit users to report each other for committing dating faux pas.

For example, women will be able to report men who don’t pay for the first date.

Women who present themselves differently in their pictures to how they look in reality also risk being booted off the site.

“Females make themselves look different, younger, thinner, better. That’s not going to happen on our app,” Lawton said.

Righter also intends to give premium account benefits to military service members, supporting the move by posting an image of military members erecting concertina wire along the southern border.

The app is not the first one aimed at making the dating lives of conservatives easier.

A site called Donald Daters launched in October, too, but unlike Righter, does not limit its user database to supporters of Trump and promotes “free thinking.”

The politically polarized climate has also produced a dating site for those who oppose Trump.

The site launched in March hoping to help people “skip the awkward political conversations” and reveal their hatred of Trump right from the get-go.

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