De Blasio 2020 Announcement Slammed By Trump: ‘He is a Joke, NYC Hates Him’

De Blasio 2020 Announcement Slammed By Trump: ‘He is a Joke, NYC Hates Him’

Presidential hopeful called a ‘joke’ following Presidential bid

Bill de Blasio’s recent 2020 presidential announcement has been scorched by Presdient Donald Trump, who called New York City’s Democrat mayor “a joke,” claiming that “NYC HATES HIM.” 

Trump tweeted just hours after de Blasio’s announcement:

”The Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be announcing president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

But de Blasio responded by defending his work as mayor, and blasting Trump with a new nickname– “ConDon.”

“NYC has record low crime & record high jobs. We’re investing in working families with free Pre-K & guaranteed health care. #ConDon taking advantage of working families is no joke. Go to to join our campaign. As President, I’ll put working people first,” de Blasio tweeted.

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De Blasio announced his candidacy in a video posted online, making him the 23rd Democrat to officially announce a bid for the presidency.

De Blasio noted his efforts in creating a comprehensive guaranteed healthcare system, and to increase the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

He also vowed to counter the Trump administration’s ‘controversial’ policies, including family separations and backing out of the Paris climate change agreement.

“I will not rest until this government serves working people,” de Blasio said.

According to Fox News: But according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, 76 percent of New York City voters stated they did not believe de Blasio should run for president, giving him “an anemic 42-44 percent job approval rating.”

On Thursday, following his announcement, de Blasio appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and was faced with dozens of protesters standing outside the studio, some holding foam fingers that said “LIAR,” and signs that read “Mayor Bill de Blasio is no friend of labor.”

Eric Trump Tweeted

Spare me? First you have never created a job in your life. Second, our great city has gone to shit under your leadership. Crime is up, the men & women of the NYPD detest you, homelessness is rampant, our streets are dirty and people are leaving our city in record numbers.

Some protesters even chanted “liar” outside the GMA studio’s window.

Over the weekend, de Blasio was also met with intense opposition, during a rally promoting the city’s Green New Deal inside the lobby of Trump Tower, where the mayor threatened Trump’s family company with millions of dollars in fines if his buildings fail to comply with the latest environmental standards.

The mayor, though, was forced to shout for much of his speech amid jeers from a crowd of protesters inside the lobby of Trump Tower.

Many protesters rode up and down the escalator behind de Blasio carrying cardboard signs with slogans like “Worst Mayor Ever,” “Failed Mayor,” and “Trump 2020.”

De Blasio, at the time, said he did not mind the protesters and added that it was “so nice for them to serenade us.”

Meanwhile, in his official campaign announcement video Thursday, de Blasio took direct aim at the president, calling him a “bully,” and assuring voters that he knows “how to take him on.”

“Don’t back down in the face of a bully, confront him,” de Blasio said in the video.

“Donald Trump must be stopped, I’ve beaten him before, and I will do it again.”

Fox News’ Tara Prindiville, Paulina Dedaj, Andrew O’Reilly and Tamara Gitt contributed to this report.

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