De Blasio Claims NYPD Doesn’t Need Help as 177 Officers Test Positive for Coronavirus

De Blasio Claims NYPD Doesn’t Need Help as 177 Officers Test Positive for Coronavirus

New York Mayor ignores increasing number of cops falling sick

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed on Wednesday that the NYPD does not need help despite an increasing number of officers falling sick from the coronavirus.

Speaking at a press conference, de Blasio said:

“In terms of needing any outside help, we are nowhere near that.”

“The last conversation I had with the commissioner, he was confident… and plan B was very, very straightforward, about how to utilize people differently, and we got a lot of people to work,” he added.

“We’re not to that point with even the 12-hour shifts… we might get there and, obviously, we’ll announce it when we do.”

On Wednesday, the number of cops contracting the norovirus surged.

As Neon Nettle reported, the city’s police force announced over 200 of its employees tested positive for the Chinese virus, according to a police commissioner.

Commissioner Dermot Shea said that 211 NYPD members tested positive for the coronavirus; these included 177 uniformed officers and 34 civilian employees, according to WCBS.

Shea added that another 2,700 to 2,800 are out sick.

New York is now at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., as the City announced nearly 15,000 confirmed cases.

But New York’s top police officer said he doesn’t believe the NYPD has reached a breaking point in staffing.

Meanwhile, detectives have been told they might need to go on patrol as the sick number increase.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not said he would send in the National Guard, but offered the mayor help:

“These are uncharted waters for all of us,” Cuomo said.

“But we’re resourceful, smart, quick on our feet, what’s the problem? We’ll figure out how to solve it.”

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