Deep State In Full Panic Over What Putin Told Trump at Helsinki Meeting

Deep State In Full Panic Over What Putin Told Trump at Helsinki Meeting

The meeting will begin a rapid dissolve of the ‘Russia narrative’

Following the historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit, the Democrats, the deep state Mueller, and Rosenstein are in a panic of what Trump was told.  

The Deep state has been incredibly persistent in stopping President Trump meet with Putin, and there is a good reason for that.

The meeting will begin a rapid dissolve of the ‘Russia narrative’ the mainstream liberal left media have been counting on for so long.

‘It is in the interest of both of our countries to continue our conversation and we have agreed to do so,’ Trump said.

Putin said he completely trusts Donald Trump and that the feeling was mutual.

He said the US and Russia needed to solve problems together and that Moscow was ready for intelligence cooperation with America on terrorism and cyber threats.

According to The Gateway Pundit: President Trump is planning on meeting with Russian President Putin over the next few days in Finland.

These will be the first scheduled meetings between the US President, accused by the Democrats and the Deep State and their MSM of the fake story of colluding with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

The Deep State is going crazy – CNN reports the following –

“President Trump should cancel his meeting with Vladimir Putin until Russia takes demonstrable and transparent steps to prove that they won’t interfere in future elections.

Glad-handing with Vladimir Putin on the heels of these indictments would be an insult to our democracy,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

The top Democrat in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump must immediately cancel his meeting with Putin.”

Far left VOX goes as far as to call the meeting a gift for Putin.

Corrupt Rosenstein came out Friday with a quickly scheduled presser to announce the indictment of another 12 Russians supposedly who interfered in the 2016 election.

The case, however, like the prior indictments against Russians, appears weak at best.

Numerous observations already over the weekend show the indictments are suspect.

Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas says that Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein should be fired due to their involvement with Russia and the Uranium One scandal where Russia paid the Clinton foundation over $140 million and in return the Obama Administration provided 20% of US uranium to Russia.

Mueller, Rosenstein, Obama, the Clintons and many more have questionable actions in the past related to Russia.

These people do not want Trump to obtain evidence of their sordid actions with Russia.

They are trying to prevent Trump from meeting Putin and finding out.

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