Democrat: My ‘Lizard Brain’ Wants ‘Bad Things’ To Happen To Trump

Democrat: My ‘Lizard Brain’ Wants ‘Bad Things’ To Happen To Trump

Rep. Jim Himes makes baffling remarks during CNN interview

Democrat Rep. Jim Himes (CT) made bizarre remarks during an interview with CNN claiming his “lizard brain” wants to see “bad things” happen to President Donald Trump.

The strange outburst comes following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s comments saying she wants to see the presdient in jail.

The interview video and transcript below

“Let me press you, Congressman,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said.

“Do you want to see the president of the United States in jail?”

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Himes responded saying “more than anything else, Wolf, I don’t — this isn’t about my feelings or retribution.”

“The lizard brain that I have says I hope bad things happen to this man because he has been so destructive to our republic, to the concept of democracy, to the concept that, internationally, we are a light unto the nation,” he added.

“So yes, I have my emotional reactions but, look, we’re a nation that is of a rule of — we are a nation of laws,” Himes continued.

“So what I really hope — and this is me personally speaking — what I really hope is that if impeachment is not a mechanism of accountability — and I will tell you flat out that I can’t imagine anything happening, anything at all happening that would cause the Senate to convict and, therefore, remove this president — so impeachment stops in the House, in my opinion, my real hope is, that in 2020, the American voters look into their hearts, think about the generation that we’ve been celebrating today, who, as young men, decided that they would give their lives for this country.”

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzed asked him about t House Speaker Nancy Pelosi comment saying she wanted to see Trump in prison.

“I ask the question, Congressman, not only because of what Nancy Pelosi told her fellow Democrats in the House about preferring to see him in prison rather than being impeached — because Democrats have heavily criticized President Trump for himself talking about jailing his own political opponents,” Blitzer said.

“He’s raised the possibility of their committing treason. Former senior officials in the Justice Department, the intelligence community, the FBI.

So what she has just said and what you’re now saying, is that any different when you’re suggesting maybe the president belongs in jail?”

“It is. When the president of the United States, the leader of the country says something, it is different than when even a member of Congress says something,” Himes responded.

“The president commands the most powerful apparatus in human history. That’s the executive branch of the government with the military, with the FBI, et cetera. He commands the most powerful institution that human beings have ever seen.

So, yes, what the president — and by the way, he speaks for the country. I don’t speak for the country. If I’m lucky, I speak for just more than half of my constituents.”

The interview comes as the Democrats continue to focus on the impeachment instead of putting their energy into the 2020 presidential election.

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