Democrat Threatens to Call Police When Reporter Asks About ‘Green New Deal’

Democrat Threatens to Call Police When Reporter Asks About ‘Green New Deal’

Senator Bob Menendez turns aggressive over question on Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist manifesto

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez snapped and threatened to “call the police” on Capitol Hill Wednesday when a reporter asked him about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s socialist manifesto, Green New Deal.”

The aggressive response was aimed at the Daily Caller’s Capitol Hill reporter, Henry Rodgers, who approached the Democratic senator at a subway station and asked him if he supported the controversial legislative proposal.

Menendez (D-NJ) refused to answer the question and instead asked where Rodgers worked.

Rodgers told Menendez he worked for the Daily Caller and the Democrat responded by calling the news outlet “trash,” saying he would not answer any questions, and threatened to call Capitol Police.

According to reports, tensions quickly rose when an intern who was with Rodgers asked a follow-up question.

The reporter followed the tweet with an audio clip from their back-and-forth.

[embedded content]

“I am wondering why you won’t answer questions on the Green New Deal?” Rodgers asked.

“I won’t answer questions to the Daily Caller, period! You’re trash,” Menendez responded.

“Why do you think we’re trash, sir?” the reporter followed.

“Don’t keep harassing me anymore or I’ll race to the Capitol Police,” the New Jersey Democrat threatened.

Rodgers told Fox News he had no prior interaction with Menendez and was working on a story that was to include the responses of Senate Democrats regarding the Green New Deal.

Menendez was criticized on social media for threatening to call the police on the reporter.

Numerous members of Menendez’s office, including his communications director, Tricia Enright, defended the senator and trashed what one described as “gotcha journalism.”

Sen. Menendez’s office hasn’t responded to requests for comment.

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