Democratic Operative Who Boasted of Russian Bot False Flag, Backtracks Statement

Democratic Operative Who Boasted of Russian Bot False Flag, Backtracks Statement

CEO of private intelligence firm New Knowledge issues a denial

CEO of New Knowledge, Jonathon Morgan, who openly bragged about being the brainchild behind a “false flag” operation that applied fake Russian bots to smear Republican candidate, Roy Moore, has desperately backpedaled his statements.

The fraudulent Twitter campaign, which was indirectly funded by Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman, was used to swing a US Senate race during the Alabama election.

Morgan and his associates boasted about how they “orchestrated an extensive ‘false flag’ operation which pushed the ‘Russian meddling’ narrative into the Moore campaign by use of fake Russian bots, according to the New York Times.

Moore lost the race to his Democratic opponent Doug Jones, who became the first Democrat to serve Alabama in the Senate in 25 years.

Despite overwhelming evidence and statements, Morgan adamantly denied the accusations on a blog posted on New Knowledge’s website.

Morgan insists the company used the election to conduct “research” and “did not engage or operate a botnet.”

But Morgan even claimed that New Knowledge believed that the “Russian bots” that followed Moore were fake.

The Cyrillic-sporting accounts that began following Moore on Twitter “seemed to us to be the work of internet trolls, not Russian activity,” Morgan wrote.

He even admitted that the media pushed stories that the bots Russian bots were real, but insisted that “to this day, we have no idea where these followers came from or what their purpose was.”

But Morgan’s stance was somewhat different during the election.

Referring to his “Russian bot” dashboard, Hamilton 68, Morgan tweeted in November 2017 that Moore was conspicuously a favorite candidate among “Russian trolls.”

So as Moore and his Democratic opponent began a fair fight to fight to win voters, Morgan was int he backgrounds promoting a ‘Russian bot’ narrative to smear the Republican candidate.

But even after he Morgan was caught red-handed a year later, Morgan claims his tram never thought that the bots were Russian and had no idea what their purpose was.

He even publicized during the election that New Knowledge had worked to expose the real owner of a pro-Moore Twitter account.

Morgan then suggested that the Twitter user was, in fact, a Russian bot.

But following a thorough investigation, the Daily Beast found that accusation to be ‘baseless.’

He also claimed that his company’s activities were limited to the creation of a harmless Facebook page that could only target Alabama conservatives

Morgan “acknowledged his role in the secret Alabama operation on Facebook and Twitter” according to the New York Times, which broke the story.

Morgan now denies any roles in the campaign, insisting that he was only involved in setting up a simple Facebook page.

In the conclusion of his statement, he declares that New Knowledge “is in the integrity business.”

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