Democratic Rep Steve Cohen Says ‘Trump Is Raping The Country,’ Report

Democratic Rep Steve Cohen Says ‘Trump Is Raping The Country,’ Report

Congressman confronts Nancy Pelosi over Trump’s impeachment

Democratic Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen said President Donald Trump should be impeached because he is “raping the country,” according to reports.

Confronting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a Democratic Steering and Policy Committee meeting, the congressman ‘reminded the room that former President Bill Clinton was impeached “over sex,” while Trump is “raping the country,” Politico reports.

According to an aide speaking to Politico, Pelosi responded, “this is not about politics, it’s about what’s best for the American people.”

Other members of Congress also confronted the House Speaker a leadership meeting in her office.

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Pelosi was encouraged to move forward with impeachment against Trump by Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, and Colorado Rep. Joe Negus, according to reports.

But the House Speaker pushed back, arguing that impeachment talk had a completely eclipsedDemocratic policy.

But earlier this month, Pelosi claimed that President Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to become ‘self-impeachable.’

She has repeatedly said that t she is not interested in impeaching Trump as she believes it wouldn’t be successful.

According to The Daily Caller: Some of those at the meeting suggested the House Judiciary Committee could introduce an impeachment inquiry within the week.

The speaker cautioned that House Democrats could still hold the Trump administration in “inherent contempt,” a process raised by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff over the weekend.

Pelosi suggested that Democrats could claim victory after successfully issuing a subpoena to access Trump’s financial records, according to the report.

“What we said when we started is that these [investigations] will yield information to us. Today, we won our first case,” Pelosi reportedly said.

“We’ve been in this thing for almost five months, and now we’re getting some results.”

The current furor over impeachment was prompted by the Trump administration’s refusal to send former White House counsel Don McGahn before the House Judiciary Committee, citing “immunity.”

Just two days after GOP Rep. Justin Amash declared that he believes President Donald Trump has “committed impeachable offenses,” a challenger for the primary election has stepped forward to take his seat.

On Monday, self-declared pro-Trump State Rep. Jim Lower​ (R-Greenville), who also describes himself as ​”​pro-life, pro-jobs, pro-Second Amendment, pro-family values Republican​,” announced his intention to run against Amash in 2020.

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