Democrats Call In Psychiatrists to Question Trump’s Mental Health

Democrats Call In Psychiatrists to Question Trump’s Mental Health

Dems to fly panel of experts to Washington DC claiming concerns over president’s wellbeing

Democrats are planning to fly a panel of psychiatrists to Washington DC to question Donald Trump’s mental health and suggest he is mentally unfit to be president.

This latest Democratic anti-Trump project is being led by Kentucky Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth. 

Yarmuth will coordinate a Capitol Hill event, featuring a panel of psychiatrists who will warn about Trump’s mental stability, that is now planned for July, the Washington Examiner reported Wednesday. 

“We’re planning to put together an event … a town hall,” Yarmuth said.

“We haven’t actually determined the format.”

Slated to lead the team of psychiatrists is Dr. Bandy Lee – a persistent critic of the president who believes the alleged state of Trump’s mental health makes him unfit for office.

Lee is the editor of the book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” and she also teaches at the Yale School of Medicine.

Despite Lee’s insistence that the president may be crazy, she has never spoken to Trump, let alone provided any psychiatric evaluation, according to the Daily Caller.

As the Examiner notes, that lack of personal contact is seen as a show stopper for many in the psychiatric profession who believe it is impossible to make any kind of mental health assessment based on remote observation.

But Lee, who has said she wants to “contain” Trump for analysis, notes she isn’t issuing a formal diagnosis, just acknowledging that there is a problem. 

“The president’s condition has been visibly deteriorating to the point where there’s a lot of talk right now about his mental state beyond mental health professionals,” Lee told the Examiner.

“It no longer takes a mental health professional to recognize the seriousness of the current presidency.”

Yarmuth claims that the event was meant to be bipartisan and he will still invite every representative in the House even though there hasn’t been any interest expressed by Republicans.

The congressman told the Examiner that he may not proceed with the town hall if only Democrats are in attendance.

Disgraced former Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Franken once suggested that some Republicans in Congress were also concerned about Trump’s mental health.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters has also suggested there is something amiss with the president’s mental health.

Lee plans to show a video that was recorded at the National Press Club last March, in which 13 academics talk about how Trump is supposedly unfit for office due to his alleged mental health issues.

The “experts” all say that a man of Trump’s temperament should not have his finger near the nuclear button or be trusted to deal with climate change.

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