DOJ Investigation Confirms Comey ‘Broke Protocol’ in Clinton Email Probe

DOJ Investigation Confirms Comey ‘Broke Protocol’ in Clinton Email Probe

Director James Comey ‘deviated’ from the normal standard of practices

A new report from Justice Department’s inspector general has revealed that the former FBI Director James Comey ‘deviated’ from the normal standard of practices of the agency when dealing with the Hillary Clinton classified email probe. 

Despite the revelations, IG Michael Horowitz insists that Comey was more ‘stupid’ than malicious.

‘While we did not find that these decisions were the result of political bias on Comey’s part, we nevertheless concluded that by departing so clearly and dramatically from FBI and department norms, the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the department as fair administrators of justice,’ the report read.

Bloomberg News was the first to obtain a copy of the bombshell report.

The highly anticipated report ironically comes on Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday, and promises to brand Comey as ‘insubordinate.’

Senior Congress members are now due to receive a briefing on the IG’s ‘game-changing’ findings.

Several top Justice Department and FBI officials are now expected to come under fire int he reports:

Jame Comey
Then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch
Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe
FBI official Peter Strzok

According to The DailyMail: President Donald Trump will turn 72 on June 14, and his presence is the report from the Justice Department’s inspector general that is expected to excoriate his nemesis, fired FBI director James Comey

The president asked this week why Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, hadn’t completed his report by the end of May as scheduled, but he’s promised members of Congress that he’ll be on Capitol Hill soon to testify about it

The West Wing held its collective breath all week, hoping for a spanking heard ’round the world.

‘When will people start saying, “thank you, Mr. President, for firing James Comey?”’ the president tweeted a week ago.

‘Comey is eventually going to get what’s coming to him, so it may as well be soon,’ one White House official added then.

The official said the fired FBI director ‘and his cheap halo have been wearing the holier-than-thou act pretty thin, and nobody around here is going to shed a tear if he’s brought down a peg. Or a few hundred.’

The Justice Department is making Horowitz available to testify in a public Senate hearing on June 18.

House Judiciary Committee members will get their chance to quiz Horowitz a day later.

The result could be a flurry of written demands for public testimony – from Comey and former attorney general Loretta Lynch – and then even more explosive testimony in public from both former top-shelf Obama administration luminaries.

Horowitz’s report has been widely expected to criticize Comey and other senior leaders for their handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information while she was secretary of state.

The Trump White House is still reeling from the months-long public relations blitz associated with Comey’s self-laudatory book, ‘A Higher Loyalty,’ which painted Trump as an integrity-compromised villain and cast Comey as the unfairly deposed carrier of America’s moral torch.

Among the report’s findings already leaked to the press: Comey was ‘insubordinate,’ Lynch jeopardized the impartiality of the DOJ by meeting secretly with former president Bill Clinton while his wife’s fate hung in the balance, and that the FBI didn’t move quickly enough to review a trove of emails found late in the 2016 campaign.

Those emails were found on a laptop belonging to disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, the now-jailed ex-husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Of particular interest is Comey’s bombshell announcement two weeks before the 2016 election that the agency was reopening the Clinton email probe after stumbling upon the new material.

It wasn’t until two days before the election that the FBI announced, for a second time, it would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

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