Don Lemon Has Meltdown When Republican Refuses to Bash Trump’s Coronavirus Address

Don Lemon Has Meltdown When Republican Refuses to Bash Trump’s Coronavirus Address

CNN host unleashes tirade against Trump’s Oval Office address

CNN host Don Lemon unleashed a tirade during an interview with former Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich after he declined to criticize President Donald Trump’s coronavirus address on Wednesday.

During Trump’s address, he urged Americans to put “politics aside, stop the partisanship among parties and unify as one nation and one family.”

Lemon, who was speaking on Trump’s travel ban on Europe, said that “the president misrepresented the travel ban.”

The CNN host then claimed America is “getting all of these mixed messages” in the face of the coronavirus.

He harped on that the president has to “clarify” his script.

But Kasich objected to Lemon’s claims, stating Trump’s address was “fine.”

The former governor also noted Trump has continued to improve in tackling the virus.

But Lemon didn’t like Kasich’s comments supporting Trump, and began to yell.

“We need straight, accurate information from this president,” Lemon interjected.

“And this administration. And we’re not getting it,” he yelled.

“And I don’t understand why you are tiptoeing around it!” Lemon said.

“He [Trump] came out. Gave an address that usually — that happens very rarely. And he doesn’t get it, right?”

After Lemon’s outburst, Kasich calmly asked if he could “finish now,” but Lemon continued.

“No, you can’t, John, because we are here to talk about the president’s…” Lemon said as Kasich asked, looking shocked, “I can’t talk?”


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“We are here — I don’t want you to go on and deflect and talk about something else because we are here to talk about the president’s address. And — and you said that someone else wrote it,” Lemon bellowed.

“He’s the president! Even if someone else wrote it, it should be right!” Lemon continued.

The former governor stood his ground against Lemon and reiterated that Trump’s address “was fine.”

Lemon then asked if Kasich believed that “inaccurate information that you have to clarify two or three times” is “fine.”

“Look. I thought he did fine. That’s what I thought. I thought he had the right tone…” Kasich replied.

“Now the fact that they clarify, it isn’t unusual in a speech for somebody to clarify something. Okay?” he added.

“But I don’t think that the tone he showed tonight takes away from some clarification. I think he set a serious tone. That’s what I wanted out of him for a long time. And I think we got it.”

But Lemon continued to accuse Trump of giving inaccurate information “every time” he speaks.

Kasich pushed back saying “98% of what he [Trump] did was good,” before reiterating that America wanted a serious president, which is what was shown Wednesday evening.

The CNN host’s aggressive approach in the interview became more evident as he continued to push back on Kasich’s opinion that the president’s evening address was satisfactory.

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