Donald Trump Set To ‘Countersue’ Democrats Over Seth Rich And DNC Server

Donald Trump Set To ‘Countersue’ Democrats Over Seth Rich And DNC Server

President responds to lawsuit against his campaign, Russia and Wikileaks

President Donald Trump responded to The Democratic National Committee’s a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against him, WikiLeaks and Russia with plans to countersue the DNC for the server they refused to give the FBI and Seth rich.

“Just heard the Campaign was sued by the Obstructionist Democrats,” Trump Tweeted. “This can be good news in that we will now counter[sue] for the DNC Server that they refused to give to the FBI.”

Even though the DNC claimed their emailed were hacked by Russian, they never turned over their server to the FBI for investigation.

The lawsuit also alleges that Trump was helped when the democratic computer networks were hacked, disseminating stolen material discovered there.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement:

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,” DNC chairman Tom Perez said announcing the lawsuit.

Trump announced he would like to sue the former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s server and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.

According to Breitbart, The lawsuit does not name the president, but rather his son Donald Trump Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It also names his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Manafort’s deputy, Rick Gates as well as George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone.

Donald Trump Jr. also reacted to the lawsuit on Twitter.

“How’s the saying go? If for 2 years you don’t succeed pedaling your garbage try try again?” he wrote with laughing emojis. “Als,o do I get to take discovery since I’m named?”

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