Donald Trump to Sign Memo Imposing Welfare Restrictions on Non-Citizens

Donald Trump to Sign Memo Imposing Welfare Restrictions on Non-Citizens

The memo instructs government agencies to enforce legislation on welfare

President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to sign a memorandum Thursday that will enforce restrictions on welfare benefits for non-citizens. 

The memo instructs government agencies to enforce legislation, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996, requiring sponsors of immigrants to the United States repay the government for welfare benefits receiving by the person they are sponsoring.

Agencies will inform immigrant sponsors about their obligation to pay back the money, and if they fail to do so, they will ent to collections.

A time limit of ninety days will be given to agencies to update their guidance and will report back to the president on their progress in 180 days.

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Sponsor repayment of welfare benefits was passed under the Illegal Immigration Reform and d Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

Despite the bill being passed, it was mostly unenforced.

Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy and Patty Murray sponsored the bill.

“This executive action will dramatically curb ‘welfare tourism’ and protect U.S. benefits for U.S. families,” a senior administration official told The Daily Caller.

“It will also ensure that immigrant sponsors cannot continue the practice of bringing in large numbers of welfare-dependent immigrants: because they will be financially liable.”

Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 has also been required to be enforced by the memo, which asks government agencies to consider the sponsor’s income when deciding if the non-citizen is eligible for welfare benefits.

Some immigrants may no longer meet the eligibility criteria due to the agency bundling the sponsor’s and immigrant’s income.

The administration states that the laws enforcement will aid the protection of the welfare benefits for American citizens.

73 percent of Americans support the idea that immigrants to the U.S. should be able to support themselves financially, according to a poll conducted by America First Policies.

“This is shifting the burden away from the taxpayer and asking people to be self-sufficient,” a senior administration official told the Daily Caller.

“We have our own citizens who are struggling.”

58 percent of all households headed by a non-citizen use at least one welfare program, according to the White House citing a 2015 study from the Center for Immigration Studies

Last week, Trump unveiled his long-awaited immigration overhaul that would dramatically alter how the U.S. accepts people into the country.

The move aims to upend the system and would favor admissions based on merit rather than family ties and will reject those who don’t meet the requirements.

“If adopted, our plan will transform America’s immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world,” Trump said from the Rose Garden.

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