Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Climbs 51% Despite Syria Bombings

Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Climbs 51% Despite Syria Bombings

American public believe Trump is doing a ‘good job’

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached 52 percent despite the US-led bombing of chemical weapons facilities in Syria according to Rasmussen polling group. believe

The poll revealed 39 percent of American voters “highly disapprove” of Trump performance, while 5 percent “highly approve” of the job he is doing since becoming president. 

The United States, together with the United Kingdom and France, released strikes against Syrian government positions in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma.

Last month, the recent Ramussen poll of American voters which was released on Monday, 50 percent of Americans approved on Donald Trump’s performance, leaving just 49 percent that disapproves.

Actress Roseanne Barr showed support for President Donald Trump in a series of Tweets stating that he “has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world.”

Trump delighted in a bump in the polls around the exact same time last year, which also followed airstrikes in Syria.

Historically, the approval ratings of American presidents have actually risen following military action that produces a ‘rally around the flag’ impact.

In its Monday release, Rasmussen tried former FBI director James Comey for claiming in his brand-new book that surveys in October 2016 showed Hillary Clinton was more likely to win the presidency.

Comey had outraged Democrats at the time by reopening an FBI investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of categorized info 10 days prior to the election– a choice that Clinton has blamed for her loss.

“Rasmussen Reports and 2 others revealed that it was a close race, and they were the ones who showed to be right on election day,” the pollster said.

Other surveys still have Trump’s ratings lower than Rasmussen’s, nevertheless, with the most recent NBC/WSJ poll revealing just a 39 percent approval rate.

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