Drunk Driver Kills 8-Year-Old After Swerving to Avoid a Rabbit

Woman drank 6 ‘vodka cruisers’ before killing young girl

A woman who was drunk-driving has killed an 8-year-old girl after swerving to avoid a rabbit in the road, according to reports.

The 35-year-old New Zealand woman had drunk six “vodka cruisers” before getting behind the wheel and causing a single-car crash that killed the young child.

The driver was returning from a local swimming spot before the fatal accident on Upper Waingawa Road near Masterton, on NZ’s North Island, on November 2, 2018.

This week, she pleaded guilty to three drink-driving offenses, including one charge of causing the death of the young girl.

She was released on bail pending sentencing in June.

The unnamed child was among three children and another adult passenger in the Toyota SUV that skidded at 65kph on the gravel road, The New Zealand Herald reports.

She died at the scene after suffering a head injury while her mother, who was the other adult passenger, was airlifted to hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

The unlicensed driver told police she swerved to avoid a rabbit on the road.   

She was heading back home after spending the day at a popular swimming hole with family when she lost control approaching a bend.

The car hit a bank on its left side, rolled over and flipped over 180 degrees, landing on its roof.

A positive breath test revealed she was over double the legal limit at 600 micrograms per liter of breath, while the legal limit is 250 micrograms. 

It was the woman’s fourth drink driving offense and she pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol third or subsequent offense at Masterton District Court on Monday.

She also pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol causing death and excess breath alcohol causing injury. 

Separate charges of cannabis cultivation and one charge of cannabis possession to produce cannabis oil were also heard, to which she also plead guilty. 

She pleaded not guilty to four remaining charges, three relating to possession of restricted firearms and one of receiving stolen goods valued from $500 to $1000.

The woman will be sentenced for her five convicted charges and trialed on the four remaining charges in June.

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