Dutch Minister Resigns After Report ‘Covered up’ Horrific Migrant Crimes

Dutch Minister Resigns After Report ‘Covered up’ Horrific Migrant Crimes

Immigration minister steps down following outcry

The Dutch immigration minister, Mark Harbers, has stepped down following an outcry after a migrant crime report hid serious migrant crimes like rape and murder under “other” within its categories.

Harbers claimed there was no “deliberate concealment” of official crime figures, but agreed he would take “full responsibility” for having “misinformed” the Dutch Parliament following the report.

The Ministry of Justice document, which is tasked with documenting and recording crimes from migrants, listed the number of various misdemeanors like pickpocketing and shoplifting but failed to classify more serious offenses like murder, child abuse, and rape.

The serious crimes were listed together as “other,” which prompted accusations of a cover-up of data.

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The “other” category covered 1,000 cases including 79 alleged sexual offenses, 51 serious assaults, and 31 cases of attempted murder or manslaughter.

Statistics revealed that asylum seekers from safe countries such as Morocco were suspects in nearly half of the 4,600 incidents recorded in the report, which was released for “full transparency,” Harbers said.

Harbers added that “only by providing [such] insight can there be support for the reception of refugees.”

But Harber’s resignation only came amid serious criticism of the report in the press along with politicians including the populist Freedom Party leader, Geert Wilders, who said the Justice Ministry was acting like “a mafia gang,” regarding the data.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte expressed sadness following The resignation, tweeting: “Politics can be tough. Respect for State Secretary Harbers’ decision to resign… But it is incredibly unfortunate that the cabinet must say goodbye to such a talented and committed liberal.”

In March, we reported authorities in Germany have been covering up violent crimes by migrants over fears it would “stir up prejudice,” it has been alleged.

In a district of rural Germany, authorities reportedly covered up a long list of crimes committed by asylum seekers, including rape, assault, and child sex abuse.

Recently revealed internal police figures show that 117 criminal offenses took place at a single refugee housing project in Boostedt, northern Germany, during the last three months alone.

Just yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared populists as the “enemy” of Europe, warning they are seeking to destroy the continent’s globalist “values” regarding immigration,

Merkel, speaking Zagreb at the weekend, pulled out the stops ahead of the historic European Parliament elections this week.

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