Elon Musk Mocks Biden for Ignoring Historic Space Flight: ‘He’s Still Sleeping’

Elon Musk Mocks Biden for Ignoring Historic Space Flight: ‘He’s Still Sleeping’

Biden fails to mention SpaceX flight

Elon Musk mocked Democrat Joe Biden for failing to mention SpaceX’s historic space flight on Sunday.

Auser asked Musk on Twitter:

“The President of the United States has refused to even acknowledge the 4 newest American astronauts who helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for St. Jude.”

“What’s your theory on why that is?”

Musk responded:

“He’s still sleeping.”

Following Musk’s comment, the White House applauded “the ingenuity of our private sector” but failed to mention SpaceX by name.

“It’s that ingenuity that will help our nation continue advancing to the next of our nation’s space exploration,” said a senior administration official.

“As NASA administrator Nelson said, they’ve helped demonstrate that low-Earth orbit is open for business.”

Former U.S. senator and NASA administrator, Bill Nelson congratulated SpaceX after it launched the first all-civilian crew into orbit from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

During the three-day space mission, SpaceX advised that “the @Inspiration4x crew will conduct scientific research designed to advance human health on Earth and during future long-duration spaceflights.”

The Crew Dragon spacecraft landed back on Earth off the Florida coast on Saturday.

This isn’t the first time Musk has mocked Biden.

Last year, the Tesla CEO taunted Biden with a ‘Creepy Joe’ meme sniffing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s hair.

The meme accompanied the caption, “Truth or Dare. 7 PM sharp presidential suite,” which was based on a viral photo of Biden in which he appears to be sniffing the wife of former defense secretary Ash Carter.

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