EU Called On to Deliver Migrants from Greece to Germany on Cruise Ships

EU Called On to Deliver Migrants from Greece to Germany on Cruise Ships

German NGO pressuring European Union to use luxury vessels to move migrants

A German non-governmental organization (NGO) is calling on the European Union to use luxury cruise ships to deliver migrants from Greece to Germany.

The pro-migrant group, Sea Watch, is pressuring the EU to use luxury vessels to transport illegal immigrants into the center of Europe in a bid to tackle the ongoing migrant crisis.

Tens of thousands of migrants are currently being held in camps on the Greek islands in the Aegean.

Sea Watch argues that the outbreak of the coronavirus is putting the migrants at risk of mass infection due to the poor sanitary conditions in the camps.

The organization insists that the asylum seekers must be moved to welfare-friendly Germany to protect them from the pandemic.

Sea Watch believes that the COVID-19 crisis offers another opportunity that solves the problem of shipping them as all luxury cruise ships are currently decommissioned temporarily due to the outbreak of the Chinese virus.

These vessels can carry thousands and are equipped with advanced medical facilities.

Sea Watch has recommended to the EU, therefore, that the luxurious liners be used to transport migrants from the Greek islands to Germany.

The NGO says it would assist the effort with medical and logistical support, according to a report by socialist news site Morning Star.

In its proposal, Sea Watch noted that over 140 German cities and municipalities have declared their willingness to accept migrants.

Germany alone could accommodate up to 40,000, the group argues.

They also pointed out that the German government is one of the leading financiers of cruise ships.

“Anyone who fails to ensure that people are evacuated now will be complicit in the possible death of hundreds,” sais Johannes Bayer, Sea Watch’s chairman.

Mission Lifeline, another German charity, is planning to move migrant children from the Greek camps to Berlin on charter flights, something it has done before.

The charity has already raised the funds for the effort and is now only waiting on permits from the German government to proceed.

Mission Lifeline told the Morning Star that countries that refuse to take in more migrants because of the coronavirus pandemic are violating international human rights conventions.

Other European countries, however, are already strained to the limit due to the outbreaks.

Nations, such as Belgium, are being forced to release migrants back into the general population due to a lack of resources.

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