EU On ‘Brink Of Collapse’ As Germany Plans To Close Border With Austria

EU On ‘Brink Of Collapse’ As Germany Plans To Close Border With Austria

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced the plan

Germany is planning to close its border with Austria, a move that will collapse the very fabric of the European Union according to Eurocrats.

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced the plan this week, which would mean more migrants would pour into Austria and Italy

An already fragile German government is said to be rocked by the plans, which only formed in March following a coalition and months of wrangling and diplomacy.

According to the Express: The Interior Minister, who has always been critical of Mrs. Merkel’s liberal migration policy, is due to try and persuade other EU leaders to agree with a common migrant policy at a summit this month.

She said: “What is important to me is deciding things together in Europe and not acting unilaterally.”

Mr Seehofer’s plan would entail reversing the open-door policy that the Chancellor announced in 2015. Berlin would turn away asylum seekers who have already been registered in another EU state.

There would be stricter migration rules and faster deportation of the failed asylum seekers.

Mr. Seehofer canceled plans to present his ‘masterplan’ on immigration on Monday claiming certain points still needed to be agreed.

According to Deutsche Welle, Mr. Seehofer said: “I have a responsibility for this country, namely to steer and maintain order. And I cannot postpone it until Hell freezes over”.

Mr. Kurz heads a right-wing government and has similar views to Mr Seehofer, he said: “We must decide who come to Europe, not the smugglers”.

After he met Mrs. Merkel this week, Mr. Kurz tweeted: “Many thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel for our good conversation, Germany is not only our neighbor and friend but also our most important economic partner.”

Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matte Salvini refused to allow a rescue vessel carrying hundreds of migrants to dock earlier this week.

Mr. Salvini has also requested they come to an agreement on how they will make a joint proposal on how to close the EU’s external border.

The arrival of more than one million migrants since 2015 in Germany has divided the country and fuelled the rise of the far-right Alternative for Deutschland party.

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