Ex-CIA Chief: Trump Will Never ‘Run for Public Office Again’

Ex-CIA Chief: Trump Will Never ‘Run for Public Office Again’

Brennan slammed the President for ‘downplaying allegations’ of campaign finance violations

Following remarks from court filings claiming President Donald Trump broke ‘campaign finance laws,’ former CIA  Director John Brennan quickly jumped at the chance to comment.

Brennan, who regularly criticizes Trump, slammed the President for ‘downplaying allegations’ of election campaign finance violations.

The former CIA chief, who recently had his security clearance revoked, tweeted that he was “relieved” that Trump “will never have the opportunity to run for public office again.”

Brennan’s remarks came in response to Trump’s tweet claiming that the Democrats could not find a “smoking gun” as a result of there being “no collusion” between Russia and his campaign during the 2016 US presidential elections.

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“It is only a civil case, as Obama’s — but it was done correctly by a lawyer and there would not even be a fine. Lawyer’s liability if he made a mistake, not me.”

“Cohen was just trying to get his sentence reduced”, Trump tweeted, referring to what he described as a “witch hunt.”

Just yesterday, we reported that Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed that evidence of President Donald Trump directing is former to break ‘campaign finance laws’ could warrant removal from the White House. 

Nadler is the soon to be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, responsible for drafting articles of impeachment.

“They would be impeachable offenses,” Nadler said.

“Whether they are important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question.”

“But, certainly, they would be impeachable offenses, because, even though they were committed before the president became president, they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office.”

According to news.com: 16 Donald Trump associates had contact with Russia throughout his 2016 presidential campaign.

This list the mainstream media is currently frothing a the mouth over includes Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort — who are awaiting sentencing on criminal charges — as well as Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner.

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