Father Who Bashed Toddler To Death Has Skull Crushed In ‘Prison Justice’ Attack

Father Who Bashed Toddler To Death Has Skull Crushed In ‘Prison Justice’ Attack

Methamphetamine-addicted self-styled ‘junkie’ had his skull bashed in by two inmates

A drug-addicted stepfather who bashed his 22-month-old stepson to death has received a taste of his own medicine in a ‘revenge prison attack’ where fellow inmates broke his skull.

William Andrew O’Sullivan was sentenced to just nine-years imprisonment at Queensland Supreme Court for killing Mason Jet Lee, last week.

O’Sullivan’s lawyer claimed he had become a target of ‘aggressive threats’ while awaiting the outcome of his trial in prison. 

The methamphetamine-addicted self-styled ‘junkie’ had his skull ‘completely crushed’ in by two inmates who stomped and kicked his head in.

O’Sullivan suffered a severely fractured skull and spent 13 days in a hospital to recover.

According to the court, O’Sullivan failed to assist the toddler in his dying days, instead of yelling at him ‘shut up’ when he cried as well as hitting and kicking him, according to The Courier-Mail.

Mason was discovered with horrific injuries at O’Sullivan’s home in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, in June 2016.

The young toddler was so severely beaten that he also suffered anal injuries, a broken leg and a ruptured intestine, spending the last of his days vomiting, feverish and dehydrated.

In Mason’ short life, he was subjected to unprecedented neglect and spent his final hours with blue lips and wrapped in a towel making grunting noises.

In addition to his injuries, there was also traces of methamphetamine were found in his blood.

Months before his death, Mason was treated for an array of horrific injuries and was admitted to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for three weeks in February 2016, a court was previously told.

O’Sullivan attempted to pin the blame of paramedics for “responding slowly” despite arriving at the property six minutes fate they were called by a friend.

He also tried to blame his 12-year-old daughter for beating the toddler.

O’Sullivan pleaded guilty to four separate charges before the Queensland Supreme Court, including manslaughter and cruelty to a child under 16-years-old.

He sentenced to nine years imprisonment and will be eligible for parole in less than four years.

The sentence has been slammed by child protection advocates for being inadequate and too lenient.

There are calls for the judgment to be reviewed by the Attorney-General.

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