FBI Raids Home of Democrat Mayor Frank Gilliam

FBI Raids Home of Democrat Mayor Frank Gilliam

New raids following Clinton Foundation and Uranium One whistleblower

Following ongoing investigations cumulating in raids of Clinton Foundation and Uranium One whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain, the FBI has now also raided the home of Democrat Mayor Frank Gilliam.

Around 8 a.m. Eastern, a dozen federal agents swooped on the top Democrat’s home and could be seen removing at least ten boxes from premises, according to NJ.com.

Both FBI and IRS agents have engaged in the raid, according to FBI spokesperson Jessica Weisman.

“We’re here in an official capacity, executing a search warrant. That’s all we can say,” Weisman stated.

Gilliam and his wife emerged from the house while agents were carrying out the raid and quickly drove away without talking to reporters, according to NJ.com.

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Gilliam, who was elected in 2017, was recently served a municipal criminal summons. As a result, f of the brawl he and Councilman Jeffrey Fauntleroy joined in outside the Golden Nugget Casino on Nov. 11 this year.

Gilliam and Fauntleroy assaulted the victims before chasing them in a car, people involved in the incident have alleged.

The two are recognized as part of a group of five males and two females in the surveillance video below

Dressed in Gray suit, Gilliam chases an identified man sporting a white t-shirt.

Fauntleroy, wearing black pants and a dark jacket, throws a man to the ground.

The mayor throws punches at two people as Fauntleroy punches one person in the face repeatedly.

Prosecutors say they will not pursue felony criminal charges, but the case was transferred to municipal court where Gilliam will face simple assault and harassment charges, ABC reports.

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee voted 27-3 last week resolve to call on Gilliam and Fauntleroy to give up their positions, while an investigation is completed, NJ.com reported.

Money-Laundering Probes

Two other events with a more international scope also have been underway.

Several banks are currently under investigation for a massive money-laundering scandal that is likely only to grow larger.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Danske Bank, and new charges were filed this week by Danish authorities.

The bank’s CEO and chairman both have been forced to resign and numerous current employees are under investigation.

Danske Bank has admitted that approximately $230 billion has flowed through one of its units in Estonia, but the focus now appears to be shifting to other financial institutions:

“Howard Wilkinson, a former Danske Bank A/S manager who blew the whistle on its multibillion-dollar laundromat, told lawmakers in Brussels that when it comes to shell companies or limited liability partnerships, the U.K. is ‘worst of all.’

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