Federal Authorities Offer $20,000 To Find Man Who Threatened To Kill Trump

Federal Authorities Offer $20,000 To Find Man Who Threatened To Kill Trump

Shawn Christy, 27, allegedly threatened to ‘put a bullet’ in Trump’s head

Federal authorities have announced that they are putting up a $20,000 to anyone who can provide information on the whereabouts of a Pennsylvania man who recently threatened to kill President Donald Trump.

Shawn Christy, 27, allegedly threatened to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head on a now deleted social media post and is now wanted on several arrest warrants in Pennsylvania including burglary, violating probation and aggravated assault.

Law enforcement says that Christy is considered to be “armed and dangerous” for threatening to use “full lethal force on any law enforcement officer” attempting to arrest him.

According to Breitbart: Christy is also accused of stealing a Pennsylvania school bus company vehicle in addition to making threats against government and law enforcement officials.

U.S. Marshals believe Christy was the suspect behind the theft of a school bus company van from a Pennsylvania bus company’s parking lot in early August.

The 27-year-old suspect also has a history of making threats against government officials.

A judge sentenced Christy and his father to probation in 2012 for threatening former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her attorney.

Officials are urging the public to call 911, the FBI tip line, or (484) 358-1974 to contact U.S.

Marshals in the area if they have information about Christy or his whereabouts and are offering a $20,000 reward to information leading to his capture.

Last week, Neon Nettle reported that multiple members from the George Soros funded Antifa protest group have threatened President Trump with murder as they gathered outside the White House.

Following the threats from the violent leftist group, the Secret Service confirmed to The Daily Caller they are now “aware” and are “investigating” the so-called ‘progressive’ protesters.“

The Secret Service is aware of the incident,” a Secret Service spokesperson said.

The spokesperson then added that no further comment could be made to “protective intelligence investigations” as a matter of policy.

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