Flynn Sentencing MEMO Suggests FBI Tricked him, Told Not To Have Lawyers Present

Flynn Sentencing MEMO Suggests FBI Tricked him, Told Not To Have Lawyers Present

Memo was filed Tuesday revealing the national security adviser may been duped

President Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, may have tricked by the FBI after a memo was filed Tuesday revealing that he was told not to have lawyers present.

General Flynn’s lawyers requested the judge for no jail time and instead “to sentence him to a term of probation not to exceed one year, with minimal conditions of supervision, along with 200 hours of community service.”

Mueller’s team says Flynn served on a “range of issues,” including “interactions between individuals in the Presidential Transition Team and Russia.”

The newly released document suggests that Mueller’s work in the Russia investigation is far from over.

“His cooperation was not grudging or delayed,” Flynn’s lawyers wrote in a sentencing memo.

The memo also noted the interviews Flynn had with FBI agents in the White House last year:

Andrew G. McCabe, the former FBI deputy director, and Peter Strzok – who was fired by Trump.

FBI officials along with McCabe concluded beforehand that the agents “would not warn Flynn that it was a crime to lie during an FBI interview because they wanted Flynn to be relaxed, and they were concerned that giving warning might adversely affect the rapport,” according to the lawyers, citing FBI documents, and also noting that McCabe and Strzok were unfairly targeting Flynn.

The Washington Examiner also highlighted that McCabe suggested Mike Flynn not have his lawyer present during the ambush interview and “the agents did not warn of the penalties for making false statements under 18 U.S.C. 1001 before, during, or after the interview.”

The sentencing memo reveals the FBI agents had transcripts of General Flynn’s recorded phone calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, so they weren’t there to gather intel or investigate, the agents were there only to get Flynn in a perjury trap.

Flynn was oblivious to being interrogated.

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