Former FBI Director James Comey: ‘The Deep State Doesn’t Exist’

Former FBI Director James Comey: ‘The Deep State Doesn’t Exist’

Comey described the alleged ‘non-existence’ of the deep state

Former FBI director James Comey has claimed during a question and answer session that the ‘deep state’ doesn’t exist, but then went on to describe the existence of the deep state in detail.

Comey described the alleged ‘non-existence’ of the deep state as a “deep culture” before diverting away from the being cornered into admitting it exists.

“I think there’s an argument to be made that it would be utterly ineffective in practice.” And why, exactly would it be “ineffective” for Trump to fire Mueller? Because of the deep state, wait…no…the “deep culture.”

ZeroHedge reports: The context, as reported by Twitchy, was a question about what would happen if Trump were to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Comey was specifically addressing whether those under Trump would adhere to such an order or not. “I don’t know.

“You’d have to fire the entire FBI and the entire justice department for two reasons,” Comey says.

The first reason is that Comey doesn’t think Trump could find an executive willing to carry out the order to fire Mueller.

And the second reason firing Mueller would be ineffective is because of the “deep culture.”

“There is no deep state, but there are a deep culture and commitment to the rule of law that runs all the way down through not just the Department of Justice and the FBI but the military services and the intelligence community. It would be interesting to see what would happen next,” Comey said.

So basically, there is no deep state, but there’s a deep culture that would try desperately to stop Donald Trump from firing Robert Mueller.

Thanks for the clarification, Comey.

It is absolutely fascinating that Comey described what he just previously said didn’t exist.

But we all remember who Comey really is: the deep state puppet who let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has discovered that edits made to former FBI Director James Comey’s statement exonerating Hillary Clinton for transmitting classified info over an unsecured, private email server went far beyond what was previously known, as detailed in a Thursday letter from committee chairman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The letter reveals specific edits made by senior FBI agents when Deputy Director Andrew McCabe exchanged drafts of Comey’s statement with senior FBI officials, including Peter Strzok, Strzok’s direct supervisor, E.W. “Bill” Priestap, Jonathan Moffa, and an unnamed employee from the Office of General Counsel (identified by Newsweek as DOJ Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson) – in what was a coordinated conspiracy among top FBI brass to decriminalize Clinton’s conduct by changing legal terms and phrases, omitting key information, and minimizing the role of the Intelligence Community in the email investigation.

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