Former NFL Star Jack Brewer Tells Trump: ‘You The First Black President’

Former NFL Star Jack Brewer Tells Trump: ‘You The First Black President’

Former Minnesota Vikings player praises President during WH event

Former Minnesota Vikings player Jack Brewer praised President Donald Trump during a White House event on Thursday, which celebrated Black History Month, calling him “the first black president.”

“I gotta say this because it’s black history month: man, you the first black president,” Brewer said.

Brewer, who will no doubt ruffle the Democrats‘ feathers with their ‘Trump’s a racist’ narrative, made the remarks in the Cabinet Room of the White House where the President hosted a roundtable event and addressed a group of roughly two dozen black civic and religious leaders.

Brewer, who previously helped fundraise for former president Barack Obama, hit the headlines last year when he declared Trump had ignited “a tremendous awakening in the country” among black Americans.

“Donald Trump will get over 20% of the black vote,” Mr. Brewer said in an interview with the Washington Times.

“That is what’s going to win the election. Why?” he asked.

“Because there hasn’t been a Republican to even try to go in and talk to the black community,” he added.

“They don’t go there. They don’t even try. I think he’s trying, finally.”

“For me, once I saw the policies that President Obama pushed in the back half of his presidency — it left a bad taste in my mouth,” he said.

“And then I really started being awakening [sic] to what was happening with the Democratic Party — making so many promises but then abandoning the community that I worked so hard in.”

“I said enough was enough, and I really started putting aside what my parents and my grandparents taught me about sticking to the Democratic Party because they were the party for African Americans,” Brewer added.

“You know all that rhetoric sounded good back in the ’60s, but the facts are that the policies just don’t help our families.”

Earlier this month, Columnist and Tea party activist Herman Cain wrote in an opinion piece for Western Journal that the Democrats are ‘terrified’ of increasing support for Trump among black supporters.

The former pizza business CEO explained how the black Trump supporters saw through the “groupthink that has clearly afflicted the black population” in the US.

“He hasn’t been influenced by the rhetoric, the innuendo, and the propaganda,” Cain wrote.

“He’s looking at the results.”

“He works hard at his business, and he understands the dynamics that are necessary if he’s going to succeed.”

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