Former WH Physician on Biden’s Health: He’s ‘Hiding Major Red Flag’ From the Public

Former WH Physician on Biden’s Health: He’s ‘Hiding Major Red Flag’ From the Public

Ronny Jackson says ‘something is not right’

The White House physician who served under former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump has said something was off about Joe Biden’s fall last week.

Ronny Jackson said in a tweet:

“I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents.”

“I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job. I can tell you right now that the way Biden is hiding from the public is a MAJOR red flag. Something’s not right!”

Jackson served as a White House physician to the president until March 28, 2018. 

He also served as WHMU director from March 2010 through December 2014.

Jackson was also the first chief medical advisor to the president from February 2019 until December 2

He later ran as a Republican in Texas’s 13th Congressional District in this last election cycle and won.

Social media was set alight last week after Biden repeatedly fell while trying to walk up the Air Force One steps.

The incident came just days after he referred to Kamala Harris as President without correcting himself.

“Notice when President Biden runs up the stairs of Air Force One, and last year, of course, he was mocking President Trump going down a ramp when he was at West Point,” Dr. Mark Siegel told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday.

“Now he’s saying I’m a runner. Well, he actually isn’t a runner anymore, by the way, but he slips several times on that ramp.”

“And I have a question, could he have had a misstep? Could it be the wind the way the White House is saying?”

“Could it be related to his broken foot last year and the boot he wore?” Siegel continued.

“Or, could it be a gait problem related to a cognitive problem? I think the American people have the right to know the answer to that.”

“And you know, when I was down at the White House, and you sent me down there in July, President Trump brought up this issue of sharpness, of cognition, as being necessary for a president.”

“But what about the real question about cognition about sharpness to be president? And I think that that’s an issue of great concern here.”

“And I’m not his doctor, and I’ve never examined him, but I’m not the only one that’s raising this question about him not having press conferences, about how just yesterday he was calling Vice President Harris, ‘President Harris,’ I mean, that he’s done that several times,” Siegel added.

“That could be a Freudian slip. Or it could be something worse, something neurologic, something cognitive.”

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