Fox Contacts 70 Dems To Appear On Show After Mueller Testimony, No One Responds

Fox Contacts 70 Dems To Appear On Show After Mueller Testimony, No One Responds

Mueller hearing is disastrous for Democrats none of them want to talk about it

Fox News reached out 70 Democrats to appear on the show following the Mueller testimony on Wednesday, but not a single one responded.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream took to Twitter to challenge House Democrats, but it seems the hearing was too disastrous to talk about. 

“Our amazing @FoxNewsNight staff – including @BrigidMaryMcD – has reached out to roughly 70 Dem offices to get a Member to join our show tonight,” Bream wrote.

“Crickets. So, if you’re a House Dem and willing to talk about the Mueller hearing – let us know ASAP. See the rest of y’all at 11p!”

Democrats did not get what they had been hoping for with Mueller’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee when all expectations if fireworks became an anti-climax.

In other words, their impeachment dream is over.

“It was a terrible day if you were a Democrat,” Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy.

“I do want to give them credit for this.”

“They managed to have a hearing without calling a convicted felon as a witness. I don’t want us to overlook that.”

Bream, a former attorney, joined Fox News in 2007 as a Supreme Court reporter before being selected to anchor the prime time evening hard news show “Fox News @ Night” on September 2017.

Described as “frail” and “confused” during his appearance before the House Intelligence Committee, Mueller’s testimony did not live up to the expectations of many Democrats who were seemingly expecting anti-Trump bombshells.

The congressional hearing was widely considered to be disastrous for the Democratic Party but a victory for President Trump.

Following the hearing Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was left unconvinced about opening impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Pelosi didn’t entirely rule out impeaching the president altogether, however, saying if that’s where the Democrats end up, “that’s the place we will have to go.”

“My position has always been: whatever decision we make in that regard would have to be done with our strongest possible hand, and we still have some outstanding matters in the courts,” Pelosi said during a press conference in the Capitol.

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