France Caught Dumping Migrants In Italian Woods, Matteo Salvini Says

France Caught Dumping Migrants In Italian Woods, Matteo Salvini Says

Salvini has slams French President Emmanuel Macron as ‘international embarrassment’

The Italian anti-immigration leader Matteo Salvini has slammed the French President Emmanuel Macron calling him an “international embarrassment” after French officials where caught dumping migrants in an Italian forest.

Both the Northern League party leader and the country’s Interior minister accused French police of dumping migrants in Italian territory “is an unprecedented offense against Italy.”

Salvini said in in a firey Instagram post that “we don’t accept apologies”.

A French gendarmerie police van was caught dumping two men, believed to be African migrants, in Italy’s Claviere woods.

The incident was called a “mistake” at the hand officers who were new to patrolling the area, a French official said.

“Abandoning immigrants in an Italian forest cannot be considered a mistake or an incident,” Salvini said.

He then questioned whether international organizations such as the United Nations and Europe “don’t find it ‘sickening’ to leave people in an isolated area with no assistance.

“We are faced with an international shame and Mr (Emmanuel) Macron cannot pretend nothing has happened,” Salvini went on. “We don’t accept the apology.”

It is the latest dispute in a continuing war of words between France and Italy over the Mediterranean migrant disaster.

Salvini in July demanded France’s apology after it criticized the Italian government’s “cynical and irresponsible” decision to prevent a rescue boat with more than 600 migrants on board from docking in Italy.

After 30 hours of it being delayed in the Mediterranean, the Aquarius ship finally traveled for Spain after it said it would take in the migrants.

Salvini claimed France’s criticism was hypocritical given Paris had failed on its commitment under a 2015 EU redistribution scheme to take in 10,000 refugees as it has only taken in 640 as of June 2018.

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