France Prepares ‘Chemical Weapon’ to Use Against Yellow Vests as ‘Last Resort’

France Prepares ‘Chemical Weapon’ to Use Against Yellow Vests as ‘Last Resort’

Controversial weapon to ‘smother’ the center of Paris in a cloud of smoke

French security services are preparing a chemical weapon to ‘smother’ the center of Paris in a last-ditch attempt to stop protesters away from buildings, according to reports.

The debilitating powder which can reach areas the size of six football pitches in seconds has revealed the sheer desperation of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration amid the growing chaos.

There have now been five weeks of protests launched by the Yellow Vests protest movement, which primarily began with anger at the fuel tax hikes, but has now developed into other areas like globalism and mass migration.

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Macron has called on France to “return to order” as citizens prepare for another weekend of Yellow Vest protests demanded a revolution.

The head of state begged his people “to return to normal operation” after several weeks of mobilization of the “Yellow Vest” movement and an attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg this week.

So far, there have been 68 arrests in Paris on Saturday alone, as many protesters battle with the police.

There are now some of the 14 armored cars deployed by gendarmes containing ‘a radical device that was only to be used as a last resort,’ according to senior officers.

The cannon-like device can spray the powder over 430,500 sq. Ft. in ten seconds, according to Marianne magazine.

The high-density noxious product is equivalent to 200 tear gas grenades, and can o knock people out indiscriminately if needed.

‘If a large crowd forced barriers through the security perimeter, then the powder would be used as a last resort to stop them,’ a source at the Paris police prefecture said.

Concerns on human rights

Colonel Richard Carminache, of the Gendarmerie, said that the devices have ‘never been used in cities to my knowledge.’

Each shot would result in an ‘a highly concentrated teargas cloud, the equivalent of 200 grenades in one go,’ said Col. Carminache, who added: ‘It’s best to run to get out.’

Teargas is banned in war zones, in line with international agreements, and is classed a chemical weapon

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe admitted the government made mistakes following the protests, confessing ‘we didn’t listen to people.’

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