French PM on ‘Yellow Vest’ Uprising: ‘We Didn’t Listen To People’

French PM on ‘Yellow Vest’ Uprising: ‘We Didn’t Listen To People’

Yellow vest uprising against globalism shows no signs of slowing down

As the yellow vest uprising shows no signs of slowing down, the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe admitted the government made mistakes following the protests that ravaged the country over the last five weeks.

The mass demonstrations staged across the country hit record levels with hundreds of protesters injured and at least seven people dead.

Police have also suffered injuries throughout the protesters as the country descended into chaos.

“We made mistakes. We did not listen enough to the French people. I remain convinced that they want this country to be transformed,” Philippe told Les Echoes.

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Emmanuel Macron has requested on France to “return to order” as citizens prepared for another weekend of protesting the globalist government, demanding a revolution.

City centers were blanketed in thick fog from police tear gas, firecrackers, and smoke grenades.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire declared the sudden uprising was a “catastrophe” for the country’s economy and businesses.

The French government deployed tens of thousands of police officers to deal with the chaos as Heavy armored vehicles patrolled the streets of the capital.

The number of protesters detained throughout the protest has now soared past 4,500.

The French Government was eventually forced to delay it’s “climate tax” on fossil fuels

France’s leader is accused of using climate change fears to usher in taxes on gas and diesel that hurt hard-working everyday people instead of the already-wealthy. 

According to polling figures, support for Macron has plunged to the lowest since the start of his Presidency.

The Ifop-Fiducial survey, which was conducted out for Paris Match and Sud Radio, found the globalist ‘golden boy’ saw a massive slump by 6 points last month.

Then falling to its lowest ever level of 23 percent in December

Now there are almost eight in ten voters angered with the president, which has eventually seen his approval ratings fall dramatically since he took office in May 2017.

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