French Police Attack Disabled Protester, Pushing Him Out of Wheelchair

French Police Attack Disabled Protester, Pushing Him Out of Wheelchair

Macron’s police state sees disabled man attacked by police

As France’s fuel protests continue, disturbing footage has emerged showing a disabled protester being tipped out of his wheelchair by French police.

The protester, who is surrounded by officers telling him to “leave the road,” is violently picked up and forcefully pushed forward.

The wheelchair-bound man, who seems to be having trouble moving in the mud, is helped by another protester before the French police tip protester out of the wheelchair into the dirt.

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The situation then appears more intense.

Police become more agitated as one gendarme rushes to the man seemingly concerned about an object in his pocket.

One officer shouts “He is armed” and charges towards him.

Although the shaky camera footage is temporarily blocked bu by a riot shield, you can the man being tipped out of the wheelchair into the mud.

The footage was captured in Herault yesterday, where gilet jaune demonstrators barricaded a motorway toll for several days.

The full context of the video is not clear, although French media reported that the man was not arrested. 

Incidents like this are probably the reason why Emmanuel Macron’s approval ratings are at an all-time low.

According to new polling figures, support for Macron has plummeted to the lowest in his entire Presidency.

The Ifop-Fiducial survey, which was conducted out for Paris Match and Sud Radio, found the globalist ‘golden boy’ saw a massive slump by 6 points last month. Then plummeting to its lowest ever level of 23 percent in December.

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