French Police Draw Guns on Yellow Vests In Desperate Attempt to Quell Protests

French Police Draw Guns on Yellow Vests In Desperate Attempt to Quell Protests

Tense clashes in Paris continue as uprising against globalism spreads

Despite the victory for the Yellow Vests on Friday following the proposal to cut taxes, the demonstrations resumed today with some police pulling guns on protesters amid tense clashes in Paris.

Yellow vest protesters also blocked a tollbooth on a French motorway on Saturday, prompting enormous queues of vehicles and long delays

The uprising has even spread to Brussels after renewed demonstrations saw at least 400 people arrested following clashes with police

Some one hundred protesters demonstrated in the Belgian capital.

One protester told Belgian outlet VRT: “We want to change society. We have been considered sheep for too long, and we want to change that, and defend our rights, we want to be able to give our opinion on certain things.”

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Close to the borders of Spain, and France, hundreds of protesters obstructed traffic on the A9 motorway, gathering around the autoroute tollbooth.

Police fired tear gas to disband the yellow vests.

‘The autoroute is now being cleaned to allow traffic to resume normally,’ local authorities said.

The DM reports: France borders the Catalan region of Spain, and the French protesters were joined by dozens of Catalan pro-independence activists, also wearing yellow vests.

The separatists often block highways to protest against Madrid’s rejection of Catalonia’s independence referendum in October 2017.

Even though their goals are different, ‘this demonstration at the Boulou (toll booth) is symbolic, it shows the solidarity between the Spanish Catalans and the French,’ said Marcel, a 49-year-old winegrower.

Roadblocks by protesters were also reported on autoroutes near the border with Italy and at a bridge in Strasbourg near the German border.

A Facebook event organized by Drouet had posted thousands of people ‘interested’ in following the Versailles demonstration but only around 60 showed up.

Further demonstrations of several hundred ‘yellow vests’ were reported in Lyon, Marseille, Rouen, and Bordeaux.

And in Angouleme in southwest France, a puppet likeness of President Emmanuel Macron was beheaded Friday night during a ‘yellow vest’ protest, regional authorities said Saturday.

The Vests have been protesting since November 17 and, despite a series of concessions by President Emmanuel Macron including abandoning green taxes of diesel and petrol, continue to call for him to step down.

The revolt against globalism

Earlier this month we reported citizens across Sweden protested against globalism, in solidarity with the French protestors.

As the anti-globalist movement proceeds to explode across Europe, as many Swedes took to the streets of Stockholm, opposing the UN Migration Pact.

France’s “Yellow Vest” movement spread to other European countries such as Belgium, Germany, and Holland have also begun to protest against the political elite.

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