Google Debunks Left-Wing Media’s Claims Trump Lied About Website To Track Coronavirus

Google Debunks Left-Wing Media’s Claims Trump Lied About Website To Track Coronavirus

Search giant pushes back against false claims about website development

Following false claims from various left-wing media outlets that President Donald Trump lied about Google a national website to track cases of coronavirus, the search giant pushed back supporting the president’s statement.

During a press conference on Friday, Trump said:

“I want to thank Google.”

“Google is helping to develop a website. It’s going to be very quickly done, unlike websites of the past, to determine whether a test is warranted and to facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location.”

Following the conference, Google Communications release a statement from Verily, a company that is owned by Google‘s parent company, Alphabet.

“We are developing a tool to help triage individuals for Covid-19 testing. Verily is in the early stages of development, and planning to roll testing out in the Bay Area, with the hope of expanding more broadly over time,” Google Communications tweeted.

“We appreciate the support of government officials and industry partners and thank the Google engineers who have volunteered to be part of this effort.”

Left-wing Media outlet The Verge reported:

Google is not working with the US government in building a nationwide website to help people determine whether and how to get a novel coronavirus test, despite what President Donald Trump said in the course of issuing an emergency declaration for the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, a much smaller trial website made by another division of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is going up. It will only be able to direct people to testing facilities in the Bay Area.

But the outlets petty ‘nit-picking’ at what they seemingly deemed as important details were quickly debunked by Google, who released it’s own statement stating that it was, in fact, building a national website to track the coronavirus.

“We are fully aligned and continue to work with the US Government to contain the spread of COVID-19, inform citizens, and protect the health of our communities,” Google tweeted.

“Google is partnering with the US Government in developing a nationwide website that includes information about COVID-19 symptoms, risk, and testing information.”

“This is in addition to other measures we are taking, including a Google ‘home page promotion’ to promote greater awareness of simple measures citizens can take to prevent the spread of the disease,” Google continued.

“Work being done by our sister company Verily to launch a pilot website that will enable individuals to do a risk assessment and be scheduled for testing at sites in the Bay Area.”

“Promoting authoritative information through Google Search and YouTube; taking measures to protect users from misinformation, including phishing, conspiracy theories, malware and misinformation,” Google concluded.

“Rolling out free access to our advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally until 7/01/20; advancing health research and science; and financially supporting global relief efforts.”

Liberal’s began repeating the left-wing media’s claims before they were debunked, here are some examples:

Charles Johnson Tweeted: “So Trump just basically lied his ass off, dissed a black woman who asked a fair question, lied some more, got praised by Mike Pence, invented a Google coronavirus app that doesn’t exist, and shook everybody’s hand in the midst of a pandemic. The new normal.”

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted: “Trump caught Google off guard with a bogus coronavirus site announcement. Google’s not making a nationwide coronavirus testing website. And the company had no idea the president would say it was.”

Once again, the media has shown in its eagerness to pounce on Trump before verifying sources has done nothing more than damage their credibility.

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