Google ‘Rewrote Algorithms to Go after Trump,’ Whistleblower Says

Google ‘Rewrote Algorithms to Go after Trump,’ Whistleblower Says

‘This is called real-time, hive-mind scoring’

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies has revealed how the search giant “re-wrote their news algorithms to specifically go after Trump.”

Vorhies, the author of the new book Google Leaks: A Whistleblower’s Exposé of Big Tech Censorship, handed over hundreds of internal documents to Project Veritas in 2019, including a YouTube search blacklist which showed interference in democratic votes.

Vorhies showed internal files showing how Google ranks news stories in an explosive interview with the Epoch Times.

“This is called real-time, hive-mind scoring,” said Vorhies.

“They literally built it; they re-wrote it according to the fight that Trump was having with [James] Comey.”

Vorhies was asked whether this was just a way for Google to surface top news stories; he highlighted that the quality of search results has declined due to users using competing search engines.

“It’s not for increasing market share in the United States… their competitors are having exponential growth.”

“The way that they allowed the mainstream media to structure their stories so they could remain at the top of their search index, their news index.”

Vorhies explained that Google assigns each website a PageRank score, which is kept secret from website owners.

Vorhies noted that Google has even ignored congressional subpoenas for PageRank scores.

“They base the score off of what the mainstream media says, and also what Wikipedia says.”

“Now the problem with Wikipedia is that they’ve gone from using primary sources to using secondary sources that describe the primary sources.”

“In other words, media organizations are controlling the entire system,” said Phillipp.

“Yeah. So when you get a negative story, your website will likely face a [PageRank] penalty within the next 3-6 months.”

“So it’s really important for businesses out there if they get hit if they get slandered, to go force a retraction because if they don’t it’s going to end up on Wikipedia and then this defamation-laundering engine known as Wikipedia will cause their search ranking engine on Google to go down.”

“The PageRank score used to change very slowly, like the criteria was incrementally updated, without that many changes from quarter to quarter, now the changes are coming much more rapidly. That’s because the authoritativeness is changing so rapidly.”

“So, for example, if you cite the WHO and Dr. Fauci from a year ago — today that’s going to be misinformation.”

“Now that we have this rapid changing of the narrative pretty much every month now, they need to have an automated way which they can… shift the definition of truth and then re-rank all the different news articles based on that.”

In 2019, President Donald Trump accused Pichai of lying to him about the Big Tech giant allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump said Google was actively suppressing negative stories about Hillary Clinton from appearing in its results while, at the same time, promoting information was that was damaging to Donald Trump and his campaign.

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