Graham: Republicans Will Take Back The House If Sanders Wins Democratic Nomination

Graham: Republicans Will Take Back The House If Sanders Wins Democratic Nomination

South Carolina Republican predicts dire situation for House Democrats

Sen. Lindsey Graham said that if socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 Democratic nomination, Republicans will reclaim power in the House of Representatives.

During an interview on Thursday with Fox News, the South Carolina Republican said:

“Let me tell you: A Sanders candidacy is great news for President Trump.”

“It is great news for Republicans in the House and the Senate,” Graham said.

“Looks like Bernie’s going to win the nomination unless something dramatically changes,” he continued.

“But, if you’re a down-ballot Democrat in the Midwest, in the South, Bernie Sanders is your worst nightmare,” he added.

“I think we take the House back with Bernie for sure.”

Graham’s comments come after Rep. Ralph Abraham announced he would be retiring from Congress.

The Republican congressman became the 23rd House GOP member to announce departure at the end of their term.

Rep. Jim Jordan also predicted Republicans could win a majority in the House while saying 2020 will be a victory for President Donald Trump

“He is going to get a second term,” the Ohio Republican said.

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“He’s going to win,” he added.

“There’s a good chance that the president wins big, and, if he wins big, we can take back the House.”

“I do think that’s going to happen.”

But despite a threat to the democratic House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated support for Sanders as the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

Speaker Pelosi said she would be comfortable if socialist Sanders were to become the nominee as polling shows a surge of support for the independent Vermont senator.

A reporter asked Pelosi if she would be comfortable with Sanders as the Democrats’ nomination as she left a meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday, The Hill reported.

“Yes,” she replied.

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